PlayStation Now's Most-Played 2015 Games Revealed as New Titles Arrive

There are now more than 300 games in the PS Now library.


The Last of Us
NBA 2K14
Batman: Arkham City

Sony announced today which games were most popular on the PlayStation Now streaming service in 2015. Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic The Last of Us led the way, with NBA 2K14, Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row IV, and God of War Ascension rounding out the top five.

These games were played for "literally millions of hours," Sony said in a PlayStation Blog post. You can see the full top ten list below.

Additionally, Sony has announced that seven new Deep Silver-published games were added to the PlayStation Now catalog today, including Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell and Metro: Last Light. The full list is available below.

Counting these new games and the 40-plus titles added in January, PlayStation Now's library now includes more than 300 games. New games are typically added on a monthly basis, so that number is poised to grow further still.

Most-Played PlayStation Now Games of 2015:

Games Added to PlayStation Now February 2:

Additionally, Sony revealed that it rolled out a new PS Now feature in January called "My List." As the name suggests, this lets you select games from the library to play at a later time.

Individual game rental pricing varies by duration, while all-you-can-play subscriptions cost $20/month. PlayStation Now is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, as well as some Sony TVs and PlayStation TV.

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