PlayStation Now Subscription Library Expands With Uncharted 3 and More

Streaming service adds even more games to its "all you can play" package; subscriptions go live on Blu-Ray players and Sony TVs.

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Sony is expanding PlayStation Now's subscription catalog. The company on Monday added five new titles to the lineup, including Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and Super Stardust HD. The full list of new PlayStation Now titles included with the service's all-access subscription package is below.

With the introduction of these five new games, there are now about 115 titles in the PlayStation Now subscription package library, an "all you can play" offer available for $20/month on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. You can also buy a three-month subscription for $45, which effectively reduces the per-month price to $15.

PlayStation Now's subscription offering has not only added new titles, but it's now available on even more platforms. Marketing director Peter Jamshidi announced on the PlayStation Blog that the subscription package can now be purchased on 2015 model Sony Blu-ray players in the United States and select 2014 model Sony TVs in the US and Canada. More compatible devices will be announced in the coming months.

A full list of supported Blu-ray player and TV devices is available here.

The only major Sony gaming platform that currently does not support PlayStation Now subscriptions is the PlayStation Vita. Jamshidi said today, however, that the subscription package will be available on that platform "soon."

In addition, Sony has announced that, by way of the new PS4 2.50 update, the PlayStation Now subscription app is now automatically installed on every system. Jamshidi also reminds users that Sony offers a free seven-day trial for anyone on the fence about trying the subscription plan.

PlayStation Now also offers individual game rentals for a variety of durations and prices.

In other game streaming news, OnLive has announced plans to close up shop, selling some of its assets to Sony in the process.

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