PlayStation Now Public Beta Starts Today on PS4 With 100+ Games; Check Out This Walkthrough Video

Game streaming service now available to anyone on PlayStation 4 in the United States and Canada.


Sony's much-anticipated game streaming service, PlayStation Now, is now available through a public beta in the United States and Canada for the PlayStation 4. The service has been in closed beta since January, and will come to other platforms and regions sometime in the future.

To help get you up to speed on everything the PlayStation Now beta has to offer, Sony released a walkthrough video featuring commentary from Jack Buser, who is senior director for the service. More than 100 games are available through PlayStation Now currently, and you can rent them for a variety of durations (as short as four hours) and for a range of prices (as low as $1.99).

If you rent a game and then want to purchase the full product later on, your progress will be saved through Sony's cloud servers, allowing you to pick up where you left off.

The first thing you'll want to do when you fire up the PlayStation Now beta (available in the PlayStation Store on PS4) is access the "Connection Test." This will determine if your broadband connection is beefy enough to run PlayStation Now and get good results. Sony recommends at least a 5Mbps connection for an optimal experience on PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now supports both wired and wireless connection types, but Buser says a wired connection is preferable because it is often more stable than wireless.

In addition, Buser stressed that the PlayStation Now beta you see today is just that, a beta. It's "early days," he says, adding that it is important that users share feedback with Sony so they can make the product better in the long run. "We're going to be listening closely to what the gamers tell us, and [PlayStation Now] will evolve over time."

Though you will only find a la carte rental options on PlayStation Now today, Buser reiterated that Sony is planning to offer a Netflix-style subscription plan sometime in the future. "It's definitely something [that's] in the works. So stay tuned for that," he said.

For more on PlayStation Now, check out GameSpot's in-depth interview with Sony about the streaming service.

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They could always do a video store structure. I have never been able to go to a video store and rent a game for 3 months at a price of $8.99 etc. I only play exceptional games through more than one time and only invest alot of time into exceptional games and those are games I buy.

Majority of what I have purchased on 360 and PS3 lose their luster after 1 play through or wind up being a waste of $60.00 as I either let them sit and collect dust or trade them in or give them to a relative. I think there is much value in renting a game for $8-$10. Playing the crap out of it until its beaten and then having no other ties to it once im done.

How many games come out on console that your not finished with after say 30-60-90 days? How many? come on im waiting? Exactly! and the noes that do manage its only because you loved them enough to play them again and again repeating the same stuff again and again.

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They will adjust the pricing, and honestly I like the idea behind it. Once they find the sweet spot on a monthly pricing structure, I believe it would be worth it for those whom had a PS3 that crapped out no them and missed out on the games which released during the best and last years of the PS3.

If priced correctly upon finalization this will also be a good option for those whom have a sony television,vita,PS3,PS4, or VITA TV. A cheap console alternative and A huge library of games to play.

Right now during the beta the prices are a joke indeed. However they will gather feedback and adjust accordingly. Besides the streaming service doesnt retain the same quality as the actual console so there is still value in owning a console, but if someone wants to play games without making a full investment as they dont have enough time to game I see this being a GOTO.

Everyone finds faults with everything and are so quick to make final judgements on stuff. Yet the same people bend over and take DLC all day long.

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I think they should charge a monthly fee for this games , like Netflix with movies and it will be better service, price are just not good at all people be better off buying disc games instead of renting.

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you know what would be cool, a way to broadcast my computer screen on my ps4. i would never turn it off.

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I tried PlayStation Now on my brother's PS4 with 100mb internet connection i was streaming DarkSiders 2 i've noticed some compressed video artifacts the streaming was good with only minor hitches but the overall quality was ok not great but ok my biggest problem is the pricing and the idea that Sony wants to bring PlayStation Now to Sony's own Bravia smart Tv and other devices that can connect to the internet, i think PlayStation Now should only be for PlayStation consoles

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I really, really prefer my games on disc.

A downloadable game has to be 'off the chart' good for me to interested.

I think I have a whooping 3 downloaded games on my PS3, one of those being Defense Grid.

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@NetGod im coming around, but i still love the box art and manuals. clutter clutter clutter! roms roms roms? it will be a sad day when the internet is so monitored.

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This is some AAA grade bovine excrement sony. Your prices are almost as inflated as your ego.

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I think this is the future. Imagine games are no longer on sale. They will be streamed. So that they continuosly get your money as they only renting the games to you. You are not owning them. This is a nightmare.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> doubt it, there was always a separation between the arcade and the home market.

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It's the end of days

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Sony should let users stream one free game for 4 hours. They can even limit it to just Sony published games for the free trial.

Still, this service is DOA. There are far better alternatives available than an overpriced streaming rental service with lag input.

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@grognard66 they do that for an hour, which is more then fair. they should just up the four hours to two days. or time the gameplay for four hours (is that what they do?).

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If this works and succeeds, it could be the rise of the arcade era again: "pay to game", but now we'd have to buy the console too.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm sure the things will eventually be like a cable box. once the tech becomes stagnate the prices fall.

Avatar image for Baconelite

Why no love for EU?

Avatar image for rad8045

Why no love for AUS?

Avatar image for btroof

<< LINK REMOVED >> don't worry, yall not missing anything

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I read the reason for the PS4 not to be backward-compatible was because it was too big of an effort to emulate PS3 on it. Now I don't know...It could be just an excuse for $ony to milk their customers with this service.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> the ps4 is not emulating the ps3, it's streaming the game content from their own servers similar to Onlive.

Avatar image for Kinren1

@thedarkoil @dragonlance01 Lol. Yes they are streaming it like OnLive. However, you think they are streaming them from ps3's hooked up to servers? Cmon. They developed an emulator and are milking customers. I am sure they could easily put the emulator on PS4 or any computer.

Avatar image for BohemiaDrinker

<< LINK REMOVED >> "However, you think they are streaming them from ps3's hooked up to servers?"

Not quite; they're probably streaming them from server which have something akin to the cell processor, though.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> That's bullshit. And the only reason I don't have a PS4 now. I still have games on PS3 I play and I'd be damned if I lug around 2 Sony consoles (I travel a lot).

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i understand that streaming cost them money but games arent movies. you cant play a game for 4 hours. but then i dont really care because i have the X1.

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Meh, it's rental only. So, it's no different from WoW in anyway, even with subscription (or rather, especially with subscription). Not only that, it means that they only allow to play the game as long as they still want to support the game. Unlike backward compatibility which I can simply insert the PS3 disc and start playing. I had hoped that I would have the option to "buy" the game, download it to the HDD, pay once and for all. Even though I know that it won't be perfect, I didn't think that it would be this terrible! This is a horrible method of milking!

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To stop new viewers from having to scroll down to read everyone's comments, this is basically a summary of what most people are saying:

"I have to pay for my games?! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"

Avatar image for dragonlance01

<< LINK REMOVED >> Please, you don't even understand their comments, let alone summarizing them.

Avatar image for Shielder7

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm pretty sure it's more like

"I have to pay ridiculous prices just to rent these games when it's just as cheap to by them outright?!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Avatar image for wowwow27

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> but for how long?

Avatar image for bizzy-sgs

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It's more like if you own a PS3 why don't you f-ing buy them on the ps3? This service is not for you.Do you think the ps3 servers they use to stream these games grow on trees ?

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If you have a PS3 and like 10 games you haven't played yet, and a PS4, no need to buy. But it's useful for people who never had a PS3.

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Lame. I knew this crappy service will be overpriced, like everything else Sony does - Video/Music Unlimited, digital games, etc.

Avatar image for hotwog21

$ony is the new Micro$oft. You both make me sick, our only hope in gaming is Nintendo. I think we all owe Nintendo a huge apology.

This is disgusting.

Avatar image for gunnmetal

<< LINK REMOVED >> but nintendo cant make controllers. and sony either.

Avatar image for semi74

I remember seeing someone from Sony saying something about the EA Access deal being "Not a good value for our customers"

Probably he meant "PS NOW is such bad value that we can´t have anything in our system that even tries to compete"

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<< LINK REMOVED >> With EA Access, EA decides which games you can play from the vault, when they stock their vault. If you take the 10% off route, then come next year or whenever those games make it to the vault, the vault will do you much less good because you'll already own those games. I can see it now: "What, I bought X, Y, and Z for 10% off—and now THOSE are the only games they are adding to the vault!?!"

After a couple or three years, once the vault has built up, it might become a decent value. For those who normally would buy a lot of EA games (e.g., big fans of buying each and every yearly sports title), it's probably going to be a great deal. Otherwise, it seems a little hit-or-miss, at least for now. —And yeah, you can mention those first 4 games being put in the vault, but they don't interest me at all.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Paying 5 $ for a month access to 4 current gen games or 30 $ for a full year (or however many there will be in the future) vs renting f. exs. Darksiders 2 for 15 $ for a month on PS NOW is a non brainer for everyone except those who own all the titles.

I for one will from now on not buy EA games at launch (except maybe FIFA) and just wait for them to get on the EA Access program and get maybe a month or two full access to finish them.

Honestly not sure if EA or Sony really thought these offering really through all the way.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Something like Netflix wasn't thought out? I'm sure the people at Sony and EA know what they are doing, though I do think PS Now is a tadbit over priced.

Avatar image for bizzy-sgs

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> What a sad life you must be living to want a game and not buy it on launch because you're cheap.You prefer waiting a year or two until everyone already played it and it's not relevant anymore.

Avatar image for BigT232


How does playing a game later make his life sad? Or how does it make a game not relevant anymore? If a game is good it will always have relevance.

Avatar image for gamefreak215jd

Off topic but here's a list of GS staff who just got axed by CBS:

Justin Calvert

Carolyn Petit

Tom McShea

Maxwell McGee

Benito Gonzalez

Ryan McDonald

Wernher Goff

Will definitely miss some of these folks. Gamespot will never be the same without them.

Avatar image for dmblum1799


That sucks. My fav was Caroline. At least Kevin and Jess are still around. Good luck in your next job peeps.

Avatar image for prodigy_69

<< LINK REMOVED >>Maxwell McGee was that the guy with longish hair and always looks stoned out his nut?.

Carolyn Petit whether you agree or disagree with some of her comments I always thought she was a good reviewer.

always sad to see people lose their jobs