PlayStation Now Could Add PS4, PS2, and PS1 Games, Sony Says

Sony says users' response to PlayStation Now has been "overwhelmingly positive" so far.

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Sony's game streaming service PlayStation Now could get PlayStation 4, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 1 games in addition to the PlayStation 3 games it's currently offering, the company has said.

"In our plans going forward we’re looking at everything so there’s the real possibility that you’ll see PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 4 titles available," VP of Sony Network Entertainment Eric Lempel told Game Informer in an interview. "Right now it’s just PlayStation 3, but these are all options for the future."

In addition, Lempel said that Sony is currently looking at making changes to PlayStation Now's pricing model based on user feedback. As we've pointed out before, with rental prices that run as high as $49.99, and no way to access digital games you've purchased previously on PSN, prices are currently way too high. Lempel didn't specify future prices, but PlayStation Now did recently introduce game rentals for as low as $1.99.

As for the Netflix-type subscription option we said we wanted in our article about how PlayStation Now needs to change, Lempel said that Sony is exploring the option of setting a price for a certain set of content. "No details on that just yet, but we are actively working on that behind the scenes because we have heard from our users that that’s something they’re really interested in," Lempel said. He added that Sony also hasn't ruled out letting users just buy a game in full from PlayStation Now.

Finally, Lempel said that so far PlayStation Now is going "tremendously well," with "overwhelmingly positive" feedback from users, 80 percent of which said they're having a good experience with the games on the service.

PlayStation Now has been in open beta since the end of July.

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