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PlayStation Now beta games include Killzone 3, Shadow of The Colossus, few more

Users who received access to the PlayStation Now beta have leaked out the short list of first and third party games they're able to stream.

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One of the participants in the PlayStation Now beta has leaked the entire list of games that beta testers are able to play using Sony's newly announced game streaming service.

The list, which a tester sent to GearNuke includes:

First Party:

Third Party:

A short list, but keep in mind that Sony is only running a limited test of the service at the moment.

Sony unveiled PlayStation Now, which will offer Netflix-style subscription options, during a keynote at CES 2014, and opened up beta registrations shortly afterwards. The beta is only available to residents in the US, with the service expected to roll out across America this summer.

We recently heard that the PlayStation Now's streaming tech is scheduled to support PlayStation 3 titles only, but that Sony is working on adding PS1 and PS2 emulation support to the PS4.

For more information on Sony's new cloud streaming service, formerly known as Gaikai, GameSpot has compiled everything we currently know about PlayStation Now.

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