PlayStation Network 'Welcome Back' program offers free games

PS3 and PSP owners getting two titles for each system; Infamous and Little Big Planet among console offerings while handheld fans can grab ModNation Racers, Killzone Liberation, more; free video rentals, Home items also offered.


With the PlayStation Network now back up and (partially) running, Sony has revealed its make-good program to recompense users for the three-plus weeks of downtime. In addition to the previously announced free month of PlayStation Plus, Sony will be offering PlayStation 3 owners two free games for download 30 days after the PlayStation Store comes back online later this month. The company will also be offering free video rentals and assorted other items to PSN users.

PSN users can potentially get four free games from Sony.
PSN users can potentially get four free games from Sony.

PlayStation 3 owners can download two of the following games on the PlayStation Store once the online marketplace returns later this month. The titles will be available for 30 days after the store relaunches and can be kept permanently following download:

--Dead Nation
--Little Big Planet
--Super Stardust HD
--Wipeout HD + Fury

PSP owners won't be left out either, with Sony offering two free titles for the portable, as well from the list below. Like the PS3 offerings, the PSP games will also be available for 30 days after the PlayStation Store relaunches.

--Little Big Planet (PSP)
--ModNation Racers
--Pursuit Force
--Killzone Liberation

In addition, Sony will be offering a number of free movie rentals over a single weekend, the selection of which will be announced soon. PlayStation Plus members will get 60 free days of subscription service, and over 100 virtual items will be offered in PlayStation Home for free. Offer details differ slightly for the European and Latin American markets.

As for members of Sony's Qriocity music subscription service, Music Unlimited Premium Trial subscription members will receive an extra 30 days of free premium subscription. Music Unlimited Premium/Basic subscription members will get an additional 30 days of subscription plus an equivalent number of days for the time lost.

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Where are those Free Home items and Free downloadeble movies?? I checked home since it is up but those free items are no where to be found, does any1 have a clue?

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this is so lame...i get into playstation store after a bunch of errors. then i try to do the welcome back games download. I attempt to use it get an error, then it acts like i already used it and wont let me again. Then game 2 pops up same thing. Thanks for nothing Sony. i understand its free but its a slap in the face to say, "hey, sorry we messed up here's some free games...oh wait nevermind, our errors are so screwed up that it won't let you download it anyway."

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Screaming I want Little big planet is like saying please give me Barney the dinosaur

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I just managed to get on the PSN Store today but no free games. Also after some googling I came across this: << LINK REMOVED >> It seems Australian users get: LittleBigPlanet InFamous* WipEout HD/Fury Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty Dead Nation* So we in Australia get Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty instead of Super Stardust HD. Considering I already have Infamous and Little Big Planet, I will probably get Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty and Dead Nation.

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Thumbs up if your getting Infamous.

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so guys, what should I pick? LBP or Dead Nation?

Avatar image for FelipeMagro

Infamous! *-* I was about to buy it!

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Even the games that are part of this deal aren't free yet. Pity. I was hoping to play infamous before y copy of infamous2 got here. There'll be no reason to go back after that.

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why the hell don't they allow us to download games of our choice? i mean the entire network was down for like a month.

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I am all for this but i own like 3 of the 5 of the games offered, thats not much of a choice is it.

Avatar image for Jiraiyair94

The problem is... that only 2 of those 5 PS3 games don't suck (in my opinion)! And I already own those 2 games!!! Couldn't they expand the list or give us a reward with virtual money instead?! Pleeeeeeeeeease?? XD

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@born_in_June wtf are you talking about? theres like two games that can be considered shooters the rest are third person action, arcade, platform, or racing. did you even read the article?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I need warhawk...

Avatar image for batesball89

are they offering this for australia as well?

Avatar image for Gho5t717

Can't wait for it to be back up and runnin

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i dont really need any stuff cause ur sorry for the delay, ide just be happy with the store back up and not delaying multiple times

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@ cornerback3 the only difference between the list above and the european one is ratchet and clank for super stardust? where did you see it? i checked the european blog but i didn't find anything

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How come Europe has the choice of Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty instead of Super Stardust HD? I'd much rather have Ratchet...

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looks like nothing for me :/ didnt buy those titles when they were fresh - not interested in them now for free. most of those games are advertisements - u download, like it u buy 2nd part. Why only shooters? nothing with sword and magic. sucx

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It's a good thing I didn't buy Wipeout when I had the chance. Good things come to those who wait! Thank PSN!

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I wish they would throw in Warhawk as one of the titles. I already own Warhawk but seeing new players enter that game especially with StarHawk nxt year coming out makes sense.

Avatar image for salvucci91

There sure are alot of people on here who don't seem to care or realize when they are utterly screwed.

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Thats crap any PS3 owner should have those games anyway..... i have about 40 games for my xbox and only about 15 for my ps3 and that includes the ones listed!!!!!

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@robonoxious fifty quid for ps store, + the credit protection would be fine by me, though a few years as oposeed to 1

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@rockemo17 deadnation is pretty dang good not to mention a bit of a challenge, if its game of the ear llittlebig planet good call, but either way infamous is about a tennet just now due to the sequel still being a bit away althoughit is a suberb game, just depends on what you recon you wanna hold onto

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I'll get to download in my Ps3 will be *Little Big Planet *Infamous But tell me guys,, what is the best games to download???? is my decision correct or not?

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@RE4GreatesGame No, we just don't have to pay for online, der. oh and its nice to see us getting a good compensation for the hack, not like microsoft would ever do the same

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@oChampion... we all know you ps3 players can't afford £40! LOL... cheap players... haha! Great to see the ps3 messing up with ANOTHER hack... ah paradise!

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There sure are a lot of whiny entitled babies commenting on here. I'm positive there is nothing Sony could offer that would please you lot and they are under no obligation to do so outside of PSN+ members who did lose 3/4 of a month of a paid subscription. The rest of you are just chaffed that you didn't get something you wanted. Bunch of babies.

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I think alot of people are misreading.... The free games will be available for 30 days for free download... if you get them within that 30 days they are yours to keep for free.. After the 30 days are over, the price will return to normal. Already have or had LBP and Infamous... so i dunno. I just hope I dont start seeing random charges to my debit or new credit cards on my credit report. If I dont have that problem I am happy...

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@giladwo I just looked on the EU PSBlog and "Access to the free games and exclusive features finishes at the end of the 30-day subscription period." only refers to PS Plus games, not the two free games listed.

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im to old for lbp im 25?

Avatar image for RockEmo17

What free ps3 games would be Good to download??? Vote anyone???

Avatar image for vickiesanders

* Access to the free games and exclusive features finishes at the end of the 30-day subscription period. Anything you buy with exclusive discounts, dynamic themes and premium avatars are yours to keep forever. This is what is written on the PSN News site. so dose this mean after 30 days we won`t have the games anymore?

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I think everyone that has a Playstation Network account should get 60 days of Plus for free. Oh and just for the record, my opinion is unbiased, because I don't have a PS3

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ill get: PS3:LBP and inFamous PSP:LBP and KZ Liberation :D

Avatar image for AceCometh

Not much, but I guess I'll grab Little Big Planet and inFamous. They might be old games, but they're still good.

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@salvucci91 right on man!!!!

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what a total rip, got the ones that intrest me already on both systems, all these games are possible to pick up for under a tenner on ebay (or in most shops), good to see just how much our loyalty means to these money grabbing bawbags, i didn't even consider getting rid of my ps3 when it this first happened, but if this is what sony calls making amends it just raises questions, spend that much cash on a lawsuit when offering the guy a job could have prevented this then spend as little as possible to help rebuild some trust with the gaming community that helps keep the playstation in buisness very very poor for a company that i trusted quite so much definately a money over people approach hope the karma has big teeth when it gets them

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there's a mistake in the article: the PSN Welcome Back Program (<< LINK REMOVED >>) says: 'Access to the free games and exclusive features finishes at the end of the 30-day subscription period. Anything you buy with exclusive discounts, dynamic themes and premium avatars are yours to keep forever.' It means you can't play or keep the free games after the 30 days subscription.

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@salvucci91Trading in games gets you hardly anything in comparison to what you can really get out of it elsewhere. All I'm saying is you shouldn't complain about the compensation. Be concerned all you want about about your compromised information, I still doubt anything is going happen, but that's not the main point I'm arguing here. Honestly, what DO you want out of all of this?

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@SoNin360 We might as well have gotten nothing; you act as if I'd get more than 10 bucks store credit for any of two of those games combined, let alone for cash. And big whoop, 1 weekend of free rentals. The hackers could be caught, and our info will still be floating around out there; some people rest comfortably on the thought: "what are those hackers going to do with 77 million names, addresses and credit cards? Won't affect me!" You know what they're going to do with all of that? The hackers might not go crazy with identity theft, but THEY'LL SELL IT TO PEOPLE WHO WILL. They had all of our information and STORED IT WITHOUT encryption. And not only did they neglect every single one of their customers, they handled the whole situation like clown shoes. Announcing vague dates as to when the network would be back on (that they didn't even stick to), giving us crap announcements like "credit card information MAY have been compromised," and making excuses that "no system is 100% secure." You really feel that a poor selection of free outdated games + a few weeks of premium service is enough to make up for all that? I'm not anything for their lives or anything ridiculous, just a decent compensation.

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infamous FTW

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@SIDEFX1 Who said I did?

Avatar image for MrGreenBeanz

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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What did you expect a boatload of games and free stuff? I think this is a nice way to make amends. They are offering identity theft insurance, free games, 100 Home items etc. PSN is already a free service. I am not saying that its right what Sony did, by waiting so long to tell us our info. was compromised. But most companies would not offer much of anything, especially in this economy. Hopefully Sony has learned its mistake, and will take security much more seriously in the future.

Avatar image for deathblow3

I guess their online mmo customers gets their stuff later, they hope.