PlayStation Network user base hits 25 million

Final Fantasy VII summoned 100,000 times in first two weeks; Wild Arms 2, Mobile Light Force hitting downloadable PSOne catalog this summer.


In the midst of its massive E3 media briefing earlier this month, Sony said its PlayStation Network service had reached a user base of 24 million. The free online service for the PlayStation 3 and PSP has continued to grow, and the electronics giant today confirmed that PSN membership had surpassed the 25-million mark.

Fun fact: Mobile Light Force can be abbreviated to MLF.
Fun fact: Mobile Light Force can be abbreviated to MLF.

Those members have been busy using the service as well. Sony boasted that PSN has served up more than 500 million downloads worldwide since its inception. That number is split between the service's catalog of content for 200 games, 1,900 movies, and 9,000 TV shows and original programming.

Sony also touted its catalog of downloadable original PlayStation games for the PS3 and PSP, noting that Square Enix's classic role-playing game Final Fantasy VII was downloaded 100,000 times in its first two weeks of rerelease on PSN. The RPG was the most downloaded game on PSN for the week ending June 17, but it will have more competition on the service soon.

Sony confirmed that original PlayStation games such as Wild Arms 2, Mobile Light Force (a US conversion of Capcom's Gunbird shooter series), and Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol will all see release on the service this summer. Sony's catalog of PSN offerings is poised to expand significantly in the future with the downloadable-only PSP Go set for release on October 1.

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