PlayStation Network Update: Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime hits PSN

New digital wares include Atari's ghost wrangling game, Swarm, Battle: LA, DC Universe Online, Premier Manager, and PlayStation Move Heroes for PS3; Castlevania 'Reverie' DLC also out.


No Caption Provided It's a busy week on the PlayStation Network, as Sony has added a stream of new wares to its download spaces, including the first downloadable Ghosbusters game, new content for the latest Castlevania game, and the new Final Fantasy fighting game.

Leading the pack this week is Atari's Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime ($10) for the PlayStation 3. The top-down game set in New York City is a cooperative adventure game playable online or offline with up to four players. It drops players into the boots of the Ghostbuster team's newest recruit and tasks them with working cooperatively to take down towering bosses. Also, gamers have a range of weaponry at their disposal, including the proton stream, the plasma inductor, and the fermion shock.

Crossing streams is not advised.
Crossing streams is not advised.

Also now available for the PS3 is Swarm ($15). The game puts players in control of up to 50 swarmites at a given time, guiding the entire pack through puzzling levels fraught with danger from spinning saw blades, poison gas, high explosives, and more. At least one member of the swarm will need to avoid becoming a stain on the ground to collect DNA and pass each level.

Gamers looking to pick up a tie-in game for the recently released film Battle: Los Angeles can grab a game of the same name today from the PlayStation Network. The Battle: Los Angeles game is a first-person shooter that sees players taking on the role of Corporal Lee Imlay and fighting alongside other characters from the film. Developer Saber Interactive has some experience with the genre, having created 2007's TimeShift, as well as 2003's Will Rock.

DC Universe Online launched in early January to warm reception. The game is now available to download from the comfort of the couch. The digital version will run gamers $60 and comes with 30 days of free play time. After the grace period, players must pay $15 a month to continue trekking through the game's world. However, players looking to stick around for a while can save a few dollars by purchasing a six-month pass for $78 or a 12-month pass for $135.

DC Universe Online is now available from the seat of your pants.
DC Universe Online is now available from the seat of your pants.

DC Universe Online lets players create their crime fighter or villain and is set in such locales as Superman's Metropolis and Batman's Gotham City. Also, a range of heroes and villains from the comic book publisher's immense stable lend their presence to the game. The game also benefits from heralded comic artist Jim Lee and scribe Marv Wolfman, who contributed to the project.

Adopters of Sony's new motion control tech--the PlayStation Move--can grab a showcase game of sorts this week from the PlayStation Network. Move Heroes ($40) is set for release on March 24.

The game sees characters from the aforementioned franchises plucked from their own worlds by an alien force and thrown together on a patchwork world where they must complete more than 40 missions, with gameplay using the Move controller to guide Frisbees through obstacle courses, bowl with an explosive ball, or engage in some old-fashioned third-person shooting and melee-driven head busting.

Soccer fans this week can grab Premier Manager ($10). The soccer management title has players dealing with the headaches, as well as the joys and pleasures of managing a top squad.

Those looking to continue their adventure in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow can grab the game's first add-on content today, Reverie ($10). The content sees players in the guise of Gabriel Belmont again, dealing with the consequences of slaying the vampire queen Carmilla. While Carmilla is gone, an evil she had previously kept under control has been unleashed and needs to be dealt with in the downloadable content.

Gabriel's adventures aren't yet over.
Gabriel's adventures aren't yet over.

Sony added one new PSOne classic to the download hub today, Legend of Mana ($6). The action role-playing game has players controlling a male or female character through the fictional world of Fa’Diel. The Mana Tree has been lost, and it’s up to gamers to seek out and return the lost artifacts to save the world.

Gamers looking to try before they buy can pick up three new demos today from the PlayStation Network. Samplers for WWE All-Stars, You Don't Know Jack, and Ghosbusters: Sanctum of Slime are now live and ready to download.

Switching to the PSP storefront, Sony added two new games to the download spot today, the first of which is Dissidia 012 Duodecim ($30). The game features multiple roster additions, including Final Fantasy IV's lance-wielding dragoon Kain. A number of familiar faces will also be returning, including Sephiroth, Tifa, Onion Knight, Cecil, Golbez, Zidane, and Terra.

The other new PSP game out now is action strategy game Hoard ($10). The game casts players as a dragon bent on destroying a medieval kingdom.

Music-game fans can now grab six new Billy Joel songs for play in Rock Band 3. The songs are available for $2 individual purchases or for $10 as part of the Billy Joel Piano Challenge pack.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, discounts, and add-on content, is available on the PlayStation Blog.

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