PlayStation Move ships 10.5 million - Report

Sony reveals new combined shipment tally for motion-sensing Move and Navigation controllers; Sports Champions most popular Move-enabled game.


Sony's PlayStation Move motion-control technology has reached a new shipment milestone. Speaking at a 2012 Game Developers Conference session yesterday (via IGN), Sony developer support engineer Gabe Ahn revealed that the PS Move has shipped 10.5 million units to retailers thus far.

Sony's motion-control peripheral has Move-d up the shipment ladder.
Sony's motion-control peripheral has Move-d up the shipment ladder.

That figure includes combined shipments of PS Move controllers and Navigation controllers. Sony made no mention of how many units it had sold to date.

In October, Sony revealed that it had shipped more than 8.3 million PlayStation Move units, up from the 8 million it announced in April.

Ahn remarked during the talk that PS Move is "part of our DNA."

On top of revealing the new shipment tally for PS Move units, Ahn said Zindagi Games' launch title Sports Champions remains the most popular title for the PS Move. Sports Champions is included in the PS Move starter bundle.

The PS Move launched in September 2010 and is compatible with a range of games for current PlayStation 3 titles, including Just Dance 3, Grand Slam Tennis 2, and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. The technology will be compatible with future games like BioShock: Infinite and Ninja Gaiden III.

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PS move = motion control for the hardcore, sadly the "hardcore" will never dare to pick up a motion controller.

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Wow--the move is selling significantly slower than the Kinect. Kinect moved 10mil in about 4-5 months. It has taken the move about 16. And that is by counting all move controllers and nav controllers separately when you know that each household likely has 2 moves and 1 nav at least. So they are probably a LOT closer to 3-4mil users.

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motion control isnt going to detract from what you know and love. its just a refreshing change of pace. and its more approachable for casual gamers. the move is scary accurate and measures depth. it shouldnt ever be mentioned in the same breath as the wii, because it is much more advanced. those who try to compare have obviously never played both systems. still think its not for you? you obviously havent had a living room full of girls giggling and bouncing round playing the beach volleyball on the sports champions disc (o.0) so see, it can be fun just to watch others enjoy it as well.

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That's nice. but how much has it sold?

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I will skip any motion sensing including this

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i bought mine last year and i REGRETTED IT. i learned my lesson, i won't buy anything oher than a controller the next time. And also ik ay noy buy a ps4 as i am kinda underwhelmed my my ps3

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It still looks like a product shipped by Trojan. Just sayin'...

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@AngelCage-2 Shipping numbers mean how many items that will be bought from retail. Mass Effect 3 just announced 3.5 million shipped. I guess that mean nothing too.

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I bought a Nintendo wii (To try motion controlled gaming) I didn't buy the PSmove motion controls are not my thing. But Sony has shipped 10.5 million of those move controllers/PSeye. The PSmove hasn't taken off as much as Sony hoped despite better graphics than the Wii.

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Seriously, games were made to plop you ass down grab a stick and push buttons all day! Some people are lazy they don't want to dance around like a monkey for 8 hrs let alone 1! Although its good to get kids to play so they get tired and sleep for hrs LOL. This is a fad and I really don't see this type of tech getting any more popular. Remember the Nintendo Glove;P yes I owned one lol NOW ON THE OTHER HAND!! Remember the comercial for Playstation and how they were showing the future of the brand and it said Playstation forever and showed a PS7 and the guy was playing games in Virtual Reality. Now thats where my money is!!! Sit in a chair put on a cap and its like a dream but your playing all your games in VR! Thats the tech that will change gaming! And that will be the console deal breaker!! Hell Pc might get it first!?

Avatar image for Supabul

Ha! Playstation Move, I completely forgot about that thing, people actually still buying it, whats wrong with folks Sony don't even support the freaking thing anymore

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Why spend the money on a Wii knock off if you already have a Wii? Microsoft actually developed something innovative and new with the Kinect and not some hd wii knock off pink ball on a stick thing. "Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVERY made." --John Carmack

Avatar image for Suikogaiden

Is that supposed to be like a video game? lol, you could just buy a Wii for the price and get more enjoyment out of it.

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@Zophar87, Would say there is more than one. Sports champions and Plastation Move Heroes are both worth the purchase. so is Medival Moves even though it's not on the same level of quality as the other 2. They exist but yea it's not really worth the cost ATM. if you really want motion control get a WII. maybe that will change when sorcery comes out but overall there just isn't enough for it to be viable

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WHY not then have more titles for it!!!! Really, the LEAST you could do is HD collection of Point Blank collection! What about the sniper series? Add, a few older arcade gun shooter titles, and your at lest half way there!!! I would love to see a game like bushido blade remade using the Move!!! You would think that this game would have launched with the Move but no.

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I'm still more interested to actually see how much of that has actually be sold.

Avatar image for Zophar87

So you're saying 10.5 million consumers wasted their money? Here we are almost a year and half later and there's yet to be one game that justifies owning the device that isn't a Wii knock-off or simply plays better with a basic controller.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Now game developers should make games that utilize the Move in a unique way (games like << LINK REMOVED >>), rather than shoehorn them into existing game franchises as alternative controls that just aren't as convenient as gamepads.

Avatar image for BattyOnBench

i like it but it need more T or M games

Avatar image for UnwantedSpam

This thing is pretty much the biggest dust collector in my house. It also doesn't help the fact that it looks like a "Super-Happy-Glowing-Self-Pleasuring-Fun-Time" device.

Avatar image for Albelnox0

i like how people like to take good news and "try" to turn it into "bad" news as shown below me

Avatar image for _crashbfan_

Face it, the playstation Move was a wasted investment, I really regret buying mine. It seems like they tried it and they didn't like where it was going so they ditched it.

Avatar image for meluvulongtime8

That's great now how about some software to make me actually use it. I like the potential of Move more than Kinect and Wii, but they need software. Tacking on Move controls to PS3 games isn't enough for me. Give me games that are only Move titles. If Sorcery is a flop Move is a flop to me.

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Well, I'm waiting for more quality games with sound and entertaining move control options. Infamous showed how it can be done in the action genre. The tennis game industry hasn't gotten it yet though.

Avatar image for Superzone

Am I the only one that completely forgot this even existed?

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

When we first heard about the Wii and motion controls, I was hoping for a great swordfighting (and by extension, Jedi) game to come out. Nearly six years and two "alternatives" later, the best shot at achieving either is Kinect Star Wars, and I still feel that movement (walking, running, jumping, etc.) is far too awkward with just Kinect to pull that off. I know I'm not the only one who was dreaming of an epic lightsaber combat game with motion why haven't they got it right yet?

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motion controllers are cool, gives you a new experience and of course there are times that I want to sit back with a normal controller. if you aren't a lazy gamer you can enjoy it

Avatar image for KBFloYd

was a decent clone...but with the wii dying. sony wasnt able to get any wii multiplats..therefore no games for move... still enjoy playing killzone 3 with it though :)

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Great stat Sony. Now the financial success of a company can be based on units shipped. Forget about units SOLD. That's so 2006.

Avatar image for almossbb

of course sports champions is the most popular, it freakin comes with the bundle. as for the numbers, quite impressive. i have to say im more interested in getting a move than a kinect. still tho i want to see a few more games worthy of getting the move for.

Avatar image for digi-demon

I find the glowing ball well off-putting and it removes player immersion usually found in the gaming experience... just stop with that F***ing glowing - arrgghh!!

Avatar image for AngelCage-2

Shipping numbers: Means nothing... PS MOVE: I don't care about that thing... my two big reasons to NOT read this news...

Avatar image for liam82517

I forgot they even released that thing.

Avatar image for flammable_zeus

I just want Sorcery to come out already.

Avatar image for bat725

Move is dead in the water, next to the Vita and the PSP, sleeping with the fishes.

Avatar image for BillyColeman

Move sux just saying i got it for no more heroes red zone pff the wii mote was much easyer to use now my move. has move on to my shelf with dust

Avatar image for GymFox

@arpit360- lol... wow, that's the funniest thing i have seen in a while Well, I bought one, and feel like a real a-hole now. No good serious games, and now it just gathers dust.. God **** it Sony..... Watch GDC and E3 last year..... They sure do a lot of talking

Avatar image for Flint247

Good job.

Avatar image for arpit360

BEHOLD..........the Glowing D**do!!!

Avatar image for bat725

Move is still around? I feel sorry for anyone that wasted their money on that crap. EPIC FAIL.

Avatar image for bushisprez

Only buy ps move for sports champions and LBP2 move dlc. LBP2 makes really good use of the controller plus you should find a ton of content online that isn't frustrating to play. The move games are about 80-90% fps games and it felt like a useless add on for them ie. KZ3, Socom 4, Resistance 3. Ninja Gaiden 3 & Sorcery could be interesting for it. But Sports champions and some sports games like NBA2k and top spin seem like the only good games to use the move tech. Dont waste your money on the sharpshooter but if you trully want it get it in the bundles that run with camera, wand, and game, it doesn't exactly improve move shooters because the ergonomics are awkward.

Avatar image for Sigil-otaku

@jamyskis well peripherals cost extra so make the sales rely on segmented parts of the market so most developers simply don't bother. 3rd party support really has been lacking but I think it's partly because the with 3 consoles and 2 handhelds developers are simply stretched trying to support everything. I think the move hasn't sold well enough to really get devs on board either, this number is shipped and not sold so in the end they could ship as many as they want but it won't make the sales any better. It's sad to see it failed a little but Sony never really backed it up with exclusives and made the move largely just support games that didn't need it so not enough people saw a need to upgrade to it. I think the lack of 3rd party support is unfortunately also partly to do with the recession, game devs can't have too many projects on the side so the ones that would likely not sell well are going to be axed and it seems far easier for most to just include it on there main games. Unlike Kinect the Move can just have it's functionality added on the side for the most part.

Avatar image for TheArcade

Shipped figures again? Just means those Move accessories could be sitting in warehouses.

Avatar image for Psychokillaz

Move with the sharpshooter rocks! I enjoy playing RE5, Heavy Rain, KZ3, Resistance 3, Socom 4, Tiger Woods, Sports Champion and soon Bioshock Infinite, Sorcery and Ninja Gaiden 3

Avatar image for jamyskis

I'm really not sure why Move games have for the most part only been first party, but then third-party Kinect support hasn't been that great either. Compared to the Wii motion controller and Kinect, it is astonishingly precise and accurate, although it does fall flat when the camera loses sight of the glowball, even for a moment. Some of the first-party stuff has been top notch - I love Sports Champions, and it's one of the few games I play online with friends, I really enjoyed The Fight in spite of it being rather "mechanical". Hell, I even got a kick out of the motion controls in Heavy Rain. The problem is that a lot of the other stuff has been crap or Move features have been pointlessly tacked on when a joypad would have done the job better. Maybe the lack of third party support across the board is a sign that the fad known as motion gaming is finally dying out. It's fun, and I don't regret buying the Move, but there's only so much you can do with it before that energy is better spent outside doing proper exercise.

Avatar image for SecularSage

So far, the most interesting Move game I've seen has been Johann Sebastian Joust - a game that uses the controllers (linked to a MacBook) with no screen whatsoever. I've got high hopes for Sorcery, but I have held off on buying a Move until there's something a little more appealing for it. It'd be nice if Sony would encourage more indie development with the platform and get some really creative ideas going instead of trying to convince the big developers to cram Move functionality into their games. I've always maintained that the Move, combined with a true 3D experience, could really be something. But so far, the only real opportunity we've been given to see that has been for Killzone 3, and it's just not the killer app it needs to be at this point to "move" more Move units.

Avatar image for pinicolaroxa

Way more than the regular sex toys

Avatar image for grognard

Sony certainly likes to play fast and loose with numbers. If this was so successful why are only Sony developers still developing anything for Move (and that's only because they're forced to)? Why hasn't there EVER been a Move title in the top game sales rankings? Even Sony's published list of top PSN game sales never has Move games ranked. Are there even any Move-exclusive games coming out this year other than Sorcery?

Avatar image for BloodMist

There are a few games I know would simply play a lot better with the Move than with a gamepad (RE 5 Gold, Killzone 3).I just wish the thing was a bit cheaper.There aren't nearly as many games as there SHOULD be that support it to warrant what it costs to buy one, and that's the main problem with it. God, it's pretty funny that there's still enough close mindedness out there to have people come up with plain ol' full of crap statements like you do nothing but shake the controller around to use it.Gaming will evolve at a snails pace because of those people and that type of mentality, just like modern science in general thanks to close minded scientists.

Avatar image for mtait01

I love my PS3 (it is the only console I own), but Move is something that I have never had any interest in and I never will. There is a real lack of software designed to play the games with it and any game worthwhile such as LBP2 or KZ3 is just a bad gimmick and something added in last minute. I would rather have the controller in my hand and not being forced to shake my hands about or be the controller.

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