PlayStation Live Events App Being Discontinued on PS4 and PS3

PS4 users still watch live events in a different app.


The PlayStation Live Events Viewer app is being discontinued, Sony has announced, but it might not mean much of anything if you have a PlayStation 4.

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DualShockers reports that the Live Events Viewer app will be discontinued in North America on January 10 for PS4 and PS3. This doesn't mean a whole lot for PS4 users, as they can still buy live events from the PlayStation Store instead of the Live Events Viewer app. This also begins on January 10.

It's not the same situation on PS3. There is no replacement on that aging system, so you're out of luck.

The Live Events Viewer app, which launched in 2013 on PS3 and a year later for PS4, lets users watch free and paid live content, among other programming.

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