PlayStation is the second biggest brand on YouTube

Only Red Bull more popular on YouTube based on number of subscribers; Microsoft, Xbox don't make the list.

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PlayStation is the second biggest brand on YouTube based on number of channel subscribers, according to data compiled by Statista and Mashable.

Only Austrian energy drink company Red Bull (2.96 million) had more subscribers as of October 30 than PlayStation (2.03 million).

PlayStation was not the only gaming brand on the YouTube popularity chart. Rockstar Games is No. 3 with 1.75 million subscribers, Rovio Entertainment is fifth with 859,000, and Ubisoft sixth with almost 801,000 subscribers.

Microsoft (167,000 subscribers) did not make the top-ten list, nor did Xbox with 470,000 subscribers.

The PS4 and Xbox One launch in North America on November 15 and November 22, respectively.

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Did you guys know that PS4 commercial "perfect day" was originally written and performed by Lou Reed, who just recently passed away.

Wow, not only is that a great commercial, but a great song, and a great way that this generation can know who Lou Reed was....

Wow.. That song has forever been changed by Sony marketing :)
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To M$ : Its PlayStation B!tch ❤ :D

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How does pepsi have more subscribers than coca cola?

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Sony always wins baby!

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Yeah, what Red Bull can offer to subscribers compared with others gaming brand?:)

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But why Red Bull?

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OMG! WHO SUBSCRIBES TO PEPSI?!?!?! SUPER GROSS! They are just as bad as the tobacco industry! You pay them for your bad health! *SIGH* Congrats Sony, & haha to M$ They are finally shown, PS will rule M$ on day 1

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Exactly, what's wrong with these people!?

everybody knows Coke is better

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Hang on a sec what sort of brands are we talking about here? PewDiePie has technically become a brand with the PewDiePie branded clothing range, wouldn't that constitute being on the list, in fact he would be #1 at 15m subscribers? And Machinima too at around 9m? Smosh at 13m? There are a lot of other channels that have become brands with higher sub counts.

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This is one of the most most pointless articles I've read. And I've a youtube channel and I'm not subscribed to either one of these channels. Come on Eddie, this is scraping the barrel.

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youtube are like wtf is a microsoft

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Coca-Cola > Pepsi hands down

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O.K. not sure what this really means. Any relevance to this?

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Pepsi wtf?

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And how many likes on facebook and how many followers in twitter ? These are the news today apperantly. More good journalism here.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> LOL. Good journalism.

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Red Bull's lame.

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Why would so many people subscribe to something just to watch others drink carbonated Thai water buffalo piss? Obviously that's a joke, but I wonder if any of these pro athletes nutritionists actually have ever recommended them to drink that stuff for performance if they hadn't already blatantly told them to avoid it like the plague.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> when was redbull ever marketed as a sport drink? it says on each can only drink 4 a day any more and your going to die!!

the two owners of that brand are most likely the richest men on the planet...but we will never no since redbull isnt public

Avatar image for tightwad34

@West123 Only 4 a day, well that doesn't seem like enough. I highly doubt they are the richest men on the planet, not by a longshot. Sure they have more money than I will ever see, but they don't have the most money out of anyone out there.

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@R083R70 if you don't chew big red, then f**ck you

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I tought machinima is a brand

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It's a brand on Youtube, I guess. But they only added the brands that sell products.

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Red Bull tastes horrid and has less caffeine than strong coffee.

PS is sort of the Redbull of video games... Not very good. And not very strong.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Thats why the Windows 8 is the most stable and most selling OS ? Because it sucks ? Right ...

And that Xbox vs Ps thing. You pay 400$ for a machine that only plays games and doesnt have any other feature.

I pay 500$ and do whatever i want. Seems like my machine is more useful because it plays the same games as your machine and i get tons of features and a kinect for that 100$ difference.Yeah you heard it right 100$ is More Features + Kinect so it justifies itself.

And your 400$ device is selling you 100$ cheaper because they just want to sell the device there is nothing more to it.

60$ minus income from every single console ? Cmon ...

Also i dont have any consoles now and wont be having them in the future. Just giving example why Xbox One is superior in %90 of the terms. And that %90 is more then Superior because PlayStation 4 doesnt have any other feature like i said.

Xbox One 500$ is a perfect price for a machine that gives you full accesories and tons of other features.

Playstation 4 400$ is only for playing same games ? Dont think so ...

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Windows 7 the most used operating system by a long shot. I've used windows 8/8.1 and while the OS is stable/fast it never made any sense. For the average person it just confuses them. Having a tablet OS with new apps/interface combined with a desktop OS that run classic Windows Apps confuses everyone. Just have one or the other. It would have been better if they stuck with desktop for desktop PCs and made it more touch friendly and used the new app store only on tablet PCs IMO.

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@arqe @JachAnen @DiscGuru101 delusional xbot spotted!

Avatar image for TheWatcher000

Microsoft Executives Stomping Their Feet:

But....But....Live TV, On Your TV!!!!!!! SPORTZ!!!!! SHOOTRZ!!!!! Tit-AnFail!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I doubt it. Microsoft actually makes a profit every year. lol!!

Avatar image for HowlPendragon

<< LINK REMOVED >> That wouldn't have anything to do with their crutch would it? (owning the most prominently used PC OS)

Because if that were factored out I'm pretty sure they'd actually have to start hiring some brains over there.

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Combine Rockstar, Red Bull, and Playstation. Perfect!

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And yet you can't share stream to youtube. Ironic.

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Also Apple is much greater then PC's and Gopro makes the best cameras and sorry coke pepsi is the best soda in the world

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Not yet. Don't get me wrong, their products are really nice to use and and Apple has garnered a large amount of goodwill, except when it comes to games. Apple even bans games on the App store for daring to have mature themes whilst leaving books and film untouched. They just don't see games as being culturally relevant. They are getting better though. I hope Apple does enter the console industry someday. I just don't know if they could convince devs to work with them.

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I hope Apple never enters the game industry. Yet another overpriced computer to buy.

Avatar image for crognalsen


It would be bad if Apple took over gaming.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Because more competition is such an awful thing.

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Red Bull is the greatest drink in the world and Rockstar make the greatest one game every 5 years!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Wait until you see the next Red Dead.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Manhunt.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> they made alot of good games besides the gta's man.

the warriors is actually a fun beat them up...and the midnight club games are fun. Mindless i grant u...but fun nontheless

> wii u

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You cant forget Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis

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<< LINK REMOVED >> without a doubt the best table tennis game ever released^^