PlayStation Home relaunching November 3

Sony's 3D virtual world/social network gets revamp tomorrow; "new core experience" to bring questing system.


Sony initially announced plans for a PlayStation Home overhaul in August, and the veil is now ready to be lifted. The Home relaunch is set to introduce a bevy of new features, and it will be going live for all tomorrow.

The Hub of Sony's new Home.
The Hub of Sony's new Home.

Calling the revamp a "new core experience" for Home, Sony hopes to make games the center of attention. New genre-based districts will cater to different gamer types and offer their own area-specific games. The revamp will also launch with a Home version of the puzzle game Cogs, which will be available in the new Hub.

The new Hub is where players will land immediately after logging in and serves as a gateway to the various districts. The Hub also houses the Activity Board where gamers will be able to engage in Home's questing system and community activities.

From the Hub, players can instantly travel to one of four genre-based districts. Playable games in the action and horror genres are accessible in the urban-styled Action District. As the name suggests, the Sportswalk offers sports-related free-to-play games while also providing real-world scores and highlights.

The Adventure District features a variety of adventure-themed endeavors in its island jungle environment, while Pier Park operates as a waterfront boardwalk, bringing with it a variety of carnival, puzzle, outdoor, and arcade games.

Sony reports that since August, Home has gained another 1 million users, bringing the total to more than 24 million worldwide.

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