PlayStation Home hits 17 million

Sony celebrates its virtual world's two-year anniversary with new subscriber milestone; over 200 games, 7,000 items now available.


In December 2008, Sony launched PlayStation Home after several delays. During the subsequent two years, the virtual world has flourished, with Sony today announcing that it has some 17 million users, up from 8 million in September 2009. The virtual world now sports over 200 games, 7,000 collectible items, and more than 30 content partners, including Disney, Turner, Paramount, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Electronic Arts, 2K Games, Rockstar Games, Konami, and Fox.

17 million people have found a home in PlayStation Home.
17 million people have found a home in PlayStation Home.

Having already enlisted many big names, Home's next push is to recruit independent developers to create more games for the virtual space. Sony today announced it has enlisted several indie shops, including Outso, Mass Media, Jet Set Games, and Hellfire Games, to craft games to play in Home. The games include the currently available carnival minigame compilation Midway 2 and the multiplayer space combat game Novus Prime. Two more titles, the espionage action game Conspiracy and the jet-racer Sodium 2, will be available early next year.

PlayStation Home is an avatar-based world where players can visit virtual destinations and even set up their own simulated apartments. Players can socialize with one another, meet up to play games together, and interact in simulated arcades and other locales. Users can also buy various items via microtransactions, ranging from televisions for their faux flats to luxury yachts.

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