PlayStation Game Mascots Get Amiibo-Like Toy Figures

Sadly, Stability Update Man didn't make the cut.


Nintendo has enjoyed a great deal of success with its Amiibo toy figure line. Those hoping for something similar for PlayStation's franchises are in luck, as a variety of well-known characters are set to be turned into figurines--albeit ones without any Amiibo-style in-game functionality.

As revealed on GameStop's website and the video below from the Spanish branch of retailer Game, at least seven different figures are coming in March as part of a new Totaku Collection line. These measure in at 10 cm (about 4 inches) and are described as "a unique series of highly detailed figurines from video game franchises past and present."

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And indeed, they feature more modern titles along with some older PlayStation 1 classics. This first wave of figures includes Bloodborne's hunter, God of War's Kratos, LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy, Crash Bandicoot, and PaRappa the Rapper. We also get one that isn't technically a character--Wipeout's FX350 ship--and another that isn't explicitly from PlayStation-exclusive games in Tekken's Heihachi. You can see all of these in the gallery below.

In both the US and Spain, the figures will be available on March 23. In the US, they're priced at $10 a pop and will be available exclusively through GameStop and Think Geek. That makes them slightly cheaper than the MSRP of an Amiibo figure, although again, these can't be scanned or used to unlock things in games.

There's no word yet on when or if additional figures will also be released.

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