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PlayStation Cyber Monday Sale: Last Chance For These PS5 And PS4 Game Deals

Digital versions of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, The Last of Us Part 2, Control, Watch Dogs: Legion, and many more are on sale.


Though Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday is in full swing, and that means there are tons of Cyber Monday game deals available now. That includes digital sales like the one on the PlayStation Store. The PSN Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is still running until December 1, leaving you only one day to take advantage of any PS4 or PS5 game deals. Though some of the digital deals in PSN's sale can't compare to physical game prices at GameStop or Walmart, you can't beat the convenience of a digital download, and the PSN Cyber Monday sale features some of this year's biggest games, like Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and The Last of Us Part II.

While most of the deals are on PS4 games, you can play them on PS5 via backwards-compatibility, and some of them are enhanced for the new console. This should be of particular interest to PS5 Digital edition owners, who otherwise can't take advantage of many Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, which tend to skew toward physical editions of games.

Most notable are the deals involving PS5 games. Watch Dogs: Legion, which launched just last month, gets you access to both the PS4 and PS5 versions for $40.19. The same will be true for Madden NFL 21 once the PS5 version launches in December, and you can get yourself access to that for $34.79. No Man's Sky has a PS5 edition out now, and you can get it and the PS4 version for $30. Ghost of Tsushima uses PS5's Game Boost to improve the experience and recently got a free multiplayer mode and raid; it can be had for $40.19. And Control: Ultimate Edition packs in one of 2019's best games, its DLC, and access to the PS5 version coming in early 2021 for only $20.

You won't want to miss out on these deals if you have managed to track down a PS5. Especially for Madden NFL 21, which will cost $70 for its next-gen-only version, these are easy ways to get PS5 games without having to pay the higher price tags we'll start seeing as we move further into the next generation.

One of this year's best games, Final Fantasy VII Remake, has dropped to $39.59, although that doesn't have a native PS5 version available. Two other major PS4-exclusive releases from this year, The Last of Us Part II and Persona 5 Royal, are down to $30 each.

As noted above, you can expect to get various enhancements when playing PS4 games on PS5. They vary on a game-by-game basis but can include reduced loading times and improved frame rates and resolutions. Also bear in mind that a select number of great PS4 games (including ones on sale, such as God of War) are now included for free in the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5, so you may be better off taking advantage of a PS Plus Cyber Monday deal.

PSN's Cyber Monday sale runs until December 1, so you only have one more day to snag any games that catch your eye. Bear in mind that, if you don't care about the difference between digital and physical games, you may find better prices on physical ones; you can see all the best Cyber Monday game deals in our roundup.

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