PlayStation Classic Now Discounted To $40 In The US [Update: Sale Is Over]

How low will it go?

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The PlayStation Classic has already had some heavy price drops, but now it's gone lower than we've seen so far. The retailer Walmart has marked it down to $40, which is more than half off the original retail price of $100.

The listing on doesn't signal a limited-time offer, and the last time the mini-console dropped in price it remained roughly at that range for quite a while. Target still has it listed for $60 but may be willing to price match with proof of Walmart's price, while Amazon appears fresh out of new stock, but resellers have used ones for below the $40 price.

[Update: The price has gone back up to the $50-60 range across several retailers, so this deal price appears to be over for the time being.]

The PlayStation Classic was Sony's answer to Nintendo's successful mini-consoles, the NES and SNES Classic. A poor reception led by a spate of bad reviews resulted in quick price drops, though, first hitting $60 just after the holidays, then near $50, and now even lower than that.

"I'd like nothing more than to tell you that the PS Classic is a pleasant surprise, that it will match your excitement and then some," critic Peter Brown wrote in GameSpot's review. "This sadly isn't the case, and short of Sony refreshing it, or the hacking community breaking it open and reconfiguring it, the PS Classic may never be more than a puny PlayStation with good looks."

PlayStation Classic Full Game List

  • Battle Arena Toshinden
  • Cool Boarders 2
  • Destruction Derby
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Intelligent Qube
  • Jumping Flash
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Mr Driller
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
  • Rayman
  • Resident Evil Director’s Cut
  • Revelations: Persona
  • Ridge Racer Type 4
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Syphon Filter
  • Tekken 3
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
  • Twisted Metal
  • Wild Arms

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Avatar image for YukoAsho

Poorly thought out, but at least the mod community will make it worthwhile. Though if it keeps dropping, you could just dump the board and use the shell as a Pi case.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

That New Mexico landfill now has room for these.

Shame, wish Sony PS, would have given gamers a real 5th gen console remake.

Avatar image for Ryusui

They gave so few craps putting this thing out that the US commercial prominently shows off G Darius, a game that's only available in the Japanese version.

Avatar image for angrycreep

Somewhere out there Nintendo and Microsoft are laughing out loud

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

@angrycreep: And Sega and Unit-E. Talk of Sega working on a classic console and Unit-E's working on a PC classic edition that will have an SD card slot for more games.

Avatar image for heidern98

I wouldn't buy it at 20 and PS1 is prolly my favorite system ever. Doesn't even render and run games properly are you serious? Ill just use my old games on my PS2, or emulate the ones I own.

Avatar image for jamesbr27

A little too late. Only someone who can mod this to play any game they want can have fun with it.

Avatar image for angrycreep

@jamesbr27: You don't even need to know how to modded just buy one that's already mod with 250 games

Avatar image for srfilk86

They should have just released it with a PSN connection. I'd buy that.

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

It sucks, basically. Without hacks.

Avatar image for bdrtfm

This thing really bombed but I had to buy it anyway cuz: collection. The games on it are obviously not the best the PS had to offer. However, the thing was so blatantly easy to hack, it's hard to say if they rushed it so quickly that they messed up the security measures or if they simply said screw it, let them hack the thing and put the games on it that copyright owners wouldn't allow us to put on it.

Avatar image for Lordcrabfood

This is what happens when you rush out a product in an attempt to cash in on a popular fad.

Avatar image for zoom

I found it reduced to clear £20 in uk

Avatar image for uubershikamarux

@zoom: where was that? I have seen it for £49.99 in argos and shopto but would definitely buy for £20

Avatar image for zoom

@uubershikamarux: it was a while back in tesco, I guess there gone by now

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4


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Avatar image for attirex

IBF comment about $40 still being too expensive/not worth it/etc.