PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan Talks About "Sticky" Community-Building

Ryan defines the stickiness concept as "once you're stuck it's hard to unstick."


Community is one of those hard-to-define buzzwords. It's always been a popular concept in marketing, advertisements, and is a key word in the age of social media-dominated internet. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan offered some insight in a interview on how the gaming company sees its community--or, in other words, its userbase.

Ryan's vision of the PlayStation community includes "stickiness and tribal nature" as key characteristics. Ryan defines stickiness as "once you're stuck it's hard to unstick," and is a quality that "probably gives [PlayStation] an opportunity to retain those people, where in the past maybe they've gone."

He continues, "We have the data to support this--the networked nature of entertainment these days allows for communities to be massively more sticky, and kind-of homogeneous." Ryan hopes to expand this "tribal, networked, and sticky" community by drawing in new demographics. He cites the company's work on female protagonists and geographic expansions for beefing up PlayStation's userbase. Ryan states, "I think there is further progress to be made in [the Middle East and Germany]. But equally, I think Asia--outside of Japan--has huge potential for us. And Latin America has huge potential for us."

Speaking on the trend of major gaming corporations buying up studios--Microsoft recently bought Bethesda--Ryan praises Sony's existing studios for their organic growth. In particular, he cites Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima for being a surprising commercial success. "Very quietly, in a very PlayStation way, we've been building something quite special with these studios," Ryan comments. "You can do it with frenzied acquisition, or measured acquisition, or you can do it organically."

What Ryan essentially implies is that everybody being connected through some type of social media will help PlayStation in creating a loyal consumer base. Ryan comments that PS5 has been designed intentionally to encourage the expansion of networks. PS5's UI does include more sharing features, like screen-share and an easier switch between capturing videos and images.

PlayStation 5 releases on November 12. If you were unable to preorder, your best bet at snagging a console may be during Black Friday. Check out our PS5 preorder guide for full details.

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