PlayStation Celebrates Xbox's 20th Anniversary, Too

The official PlayStation Twitter account is getting in on the festivities, at least a little bit.


Today is a very big milestone for Microsoft, as the company's Xbox brand--and the Halo franchise--have turned 20. Halo Infinite's multiplayer even surprise-released to celebrate, and even PlayStation got in on the festivities via Twitter.

In response to an post from Xbox that included the original Xbox startup screen, PlayStation offered its congratulations. It came with a party popper emoji, though we are guessing the PlayStation social media manager did not actually have one on hand.

Xbox followed up with an offer to game together, which is possible via cross-play in many games on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Halo Infinite isn't one of them, as it's only available on Xbox and PC, though those platforms can enjoy the game together.

This isn't the first time we've seen the two brands be cordial on Twitter, offering congratulations during other console launches, and it has been more frequent as we've seen a shift from the traditional console wars toward three different companies each operating in their own spaces. This includes Nintendo, a notoriously insulated company that has even opened up cross-play for third-party games with PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile players. As of now, the Nintendo Twitter has not offered its own congratulations. How rude.

Microsoft's flagship series, Halo, turned 20 today. You can play Halo Infinite multiplayer for free on Xbox and PC right now.

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