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PlayStation And Switch Ports Of An Xbox Exclusive May Have Leaked In A Bizarre Way

Hi-Fi Rush might be on its way to other places.


PlayStation and Nintendo Switch ports of Hi-Fi Rush may have been leaked through t-shirts datamined from the game's Anniversary Update.

A Reddit user named RamenMan22 posted what looks to be t-shirt textures in Hi-Fi Rush's game files. In particular, there's a blue shirt that says, "I'm Here Baby," and a red shirt that says, "Rock Out Anywhere!" The phrases and designs indicate that Hi-Fi Rush could be coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, respectively. The former phrase references the absurdity that a Microsoft exclusive would end up on PlayStation. The latter phrase references the Switch's portable nature.

There are some other references as well, including a green shirt that says, "Shadow Dropped," referencing the fact that Hi-Fi Rush was suddenly released onto Xbox and PC after January 2023's Developer Direct. There's another grey shirt texture that says, "This Is Simply unreal Epic," referencing the game's availability on the Epic Games Store.

There have been rumors circulating that Hi-Fi Rush would be coming to other platforms. Microsoft has released a limited number of its exclusives on rival platforms, and in Hi-Fi Rush's case, the game supposedly didn't sell well enough to recoup development costs.

In GameSpot's Hi-Fi Rush review, we said, "Hi-Fi Rush is an excellent break from the norm for the horror buffs at Tango Gameworks, meshing the energetic combat of a character-action brawler with the toe-tapping beats of a stylish rhythm game."

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