PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Nariko & Sir Daniel Rumble

PAX 2012: We get commentary straight from the developers on the two latest additions to the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale lineup.


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If the reveals for Evil Cole MacGrath and Raiden weren't enough, developer SuperBot Entertainment has pulled back the curtain on two more fighters for its upcoming mascot brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Nariko, the red-headed heroine from Heavenly Sword, and Sir Daniel Fortesque, the skeletal warrior from the MediEval series, are joining the fray. We caught up with SuperBot's own Omar Kendall and Sony Santa Monica's Seth Killian to get a detailed demo of how these warriors fight.

We're looking forward to getting our hands on these characters on the show floor, but you can see all the action for yourself in the video below:

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