PlayStation 4 won't work with IR remote controls

Sony confirms that next-gen system can't receive infrared remote control commands, meaning universal remotes will not be supported.

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The PlayStation 4 cannot receive infrared (IR) remote control commands, a Sony representative told GameSpot sister site CNET, meaning universal remotes will not be supported.

What's more, CNET was not able to locate an IR receptor on its review unit, and Sony also confirmed that the PlayStation Camera cannot receive IR commands.

The PlayStation 3 also was not capable of receiving IR commands, which CNET points out led to the creation of a line of IR-to-Bluetooth converter boxes.

By comparison, the Xbox One will support IR control commands through its integrated IR blaster, similar to Logitech's Harmony Smart Control. During initial setup, users will need to enter the model number of their TV, amp, and cable box.

The PS4 launches on Friday in North America for $400, while the Xbox One will follow a week later on November 22 for $500.

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