PlayStation 4 UI shown off in new images

Sony releases batch of new images showing off PS4 user interface and PlayStation App.


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Sony has released new images of the PlayStation 4 user interface and the PlayStation App, the next-generation console's free companion app for iOS and Android devices.

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PlayStation community manager Chris Owen shared the images over Twitter last night. They show off the PS4 "Home" screen, as well as the "What's New" and "Profile" pages.

The PS4 UI images also give a look at the the "Video Edit" menu and "Messages" tab.

Lastly, the PlayStation App images show the interface for phones and tablets. Users will be able to receive notifications, game alerts, invitations, and messages through the free app.

The PS4 launches on November 15 in North America for $400.

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Avatar image for mcnichoj

The PS4 store looks way worse than the current PS3 one.

The profile/messaging/clip editing all look very nice and clean though.

Avatar image for twisted_sith

@mcnichoj god the new ps store is so bad. the old one was fine. idk why they changed it.

Avatar image for mr_nee

@mcnichoj it's not store, it's XMB. Though, I can't say i like the PS4 XMB design. feels outdated by 5 years. Sony should rotate their design staff.

Avatar image for ImSofaKingGood

I really like it. The XMB on PS3 was cool but the PS4 UI looks like it's a lot less restrictive to navigate. Hope we can still set custom wallpapers and dynamic themes. Also looking forward to the Facebook integration. Glad that most of my friends are also thinking of getting PS4s. The messaging and friends system looks way better too.

Avatar image for daemonproject

Just looks like a slightly updated version of what it already is on the PS3. It should run faster this time though but still not doing it for me looks like what tevo or other TV devices have as a UI the 360 and the X1 have a more appealing UI to me looks more well professional and doesn't look well tacky!

And the UI on the phone/tablet devices look sad! The smart glass UI on the now 360 on phones/tabs etc look far superior to this!

Avatar image for Ein419

interesting, I have windows 8 and this looks nothing like it. The only common thing is the ... color? My windows 8 color is green - maybe people complaining don't know how to use and customize their PC? or... they are just childish, jealous 12 years old who just want to complain.

Anyway, I never liked the 360 UI but loved the PS3 - its just a matter of taste. No one needs to insult or say childish things.

Avatar image for soulless4now

It needs more pizzazz. Add some red so I can be reminded of Spider-man.

Avatar image for straightcur

meh, couldn't care less about all the facebook features......

Avatar image for KeviNOlighT

Looks nice. I think if I ever get a next-gen console, it'll be a PS4, so this is nice.

Avatar image for DoUbLeZzMk2

Loving everything im seeing!!! Wayta gooo Sony!!!!! Loving lookin at the ins at out sidee of PS4 everytime theres a leak!!! =D

Avatar image for Ligerzero_007

I don't mind it, I'll probably get used to it quickly like I did with the XMB. Besides, I'm more interested in the other features PS4 has to offer this generation. Actually seeing the UI in action might increase that interest though

Avatar image for tonytones21

It's beautiful :,)

Avatar image for UNCStriker88

Why screenshots instead of real video of the actual console in action??? sketchy Sony, continuing to be real sketchy

Avatar image for sonic1992

I guess that Xbox fans are getting FUCKING jealousy on this now P

Avatar image for Sporks_Calamity

......And not a single f*** was given.

Avatar image for cboye18

Even though I'm a console (PS3) player, I recommend going for the PC and possibly the Wii U in the future. These DLC, micro transactions, seasons passes and subs fee crap are only getting worse.

Avatar image for AyzZai

@cboye18 Yes suuuree because pc games never, ever had any microtransactions or DLCs. What a brilliant recommendation!

Avatar image for bu3aDeL_Maz

To everyone who thinks its a windows 8 rip off: all I see is the XMB with more thumbnails.

To everyone who thinks the XMB sux compared to Xbox metro style: don't forget microsoft changed the UI for xbox loooong ago.

Conclusion: Windows 8 Metro style is awesome!! if sony is doing something like that then Awesome x2 =D

Avatar image for j_kizi

I don't mind it. I like the Microsoft's metro UI, so this is a thumbs up for me. Hope I can still customize and install dynamic themes.

Avatar image for jawslover

Microsoft released a companion app compatible with Xperia phones and tablets, yet scumbag Sony chose to ignore Windows Phone altogether with theirs. **** you Sony. Oh and this looks like a full on ripoff of W8.

Avatar image for Ein419

@jawslover shut your mouth idiot! you know nothing and are just complaining. It looks nothing like windows 8 - so **** yourself.

Avatar image for wizardboyus

@jawslover well windows phones are made by case you didn't know

Avatar image for blue_shift_91

hey, it's windows metro. with more purple. neat.

Avatar image for sammoth

@nanorazor @sammoth No MS invented the Square GUI that you use today. Xerox was the forefather of GUI. Look it up sometime you might learn something.

Avatar image for Alpha_Wolf30

Hmmm... Now we can play the PS4 on our smartphones as well.... I see alot of people's electric bills shooting through the roof.

Avatar image for gq_cjc

@Alpha_Wolf30 No dumb ass. It means you can purchase and download games or whatever to your system from your phone. smh

Avatar image for inscript

Sorry to rain on you sony fans head, but sony will be using advertisement on it Ps4 console

Avatar image for Alpha_Wolf30

@inscript Post the link or STFU

Avatar image for jsmoke03

its a clean ui. i dont see this being inferior to xb1 unlike the previous gen where everyone said that ps3 ui was crap.

Avatar image for jecomans

@jsmoke03 Not everyone. I only know a few people that ever complained about the XMB, and the 360 UI wasn't anything to write home about.

This new one does look pretty decent though. I hope they're are easy ways to personalize what you can see on the main screen though.

Avatar image for foxrock66

@nanorazor @sammoth nevermind that xbox ui has been an ad-filled windows 8 wannabe for quite some time now

Avatar image for dromeo

Looks great i like what i see

Avatar image for mrwiggkatg

@nanorazor @sammoth Thumbs up to you sir!

Avatar image for sammoth

Mmm where did I see this before ? Oh yeah

Oh look a Windows 8 rip off.

Avatar image for nanorazor

@sammoth Yes, Microsoft invented the square.

Avatar image for WolfGrey

Over half of those screenshots are from the reveal months ago.

Knack is the reason why lol

Avatar image for rasterror

And does Henry Bayle have to be on both my PS4 and phone?

Avatar image for rasterror

It looks muddled. It's like a bad copy of the 2nd 360 GUI.

Avatar image for Fantasticus

i like it. anyone who doesn't will get used to it

Avatar image for danabo

Well, this looks like a poor copy of the 360 dashboard.

Avatar image for NettoSaito

It kind of reminds me of the Xbox 360's Dashboard before MS went overboard with advertisements, and crap most people didn't care about. I hope Sony never goes down that path....

Avatar image for inscript

@NettoSaito lol sorry to tell u is focusing on advertising

Avatar image for turretx7


Avatar image for BoozerX

X Box Juan created with advertising in mind.


Avatar image for inscript

@BoozerX sony will be using advertisements to....they couldnt do it with the ps3 because it was a stiff console..and very hard to make changes they have the option, ps4 will have ad's of stuff you may like

Avatar image for bu3aDeL_Maz

@inscript @BoozerX sadly ads where rumored to be in the next gen consoles before their announcement.

Avatar image for grove12345

Diffidently going to wait this one out, as XB1 is full of good/bad surprises. But straight up hardware, eastern software support, and PSN+ wise PS4 has my vote. But no idea what software giant MS is capable of. They are after all in about a few billion computers as we speak. The attraction that your Live acount can be linked across multiple platform is there. But no idea if MS has the creative bolts to make it work.

Avatar image for youngskillz

driveclub looks amazing.

new dash looks crappy tho.

i think most of us would have prefered some new variety of the xmb.

Avatar image for A8ADD0N


I agree. This looks muddled and sloppy as hell.

Avatar image for brxricano

Thumbs up.