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PlayStation 4 to support Vita remote play, cloud-based backward compatibility

New console to use Gaikai cloud technology to output games to Sony handheld; Sony promises streaming options for legacy titles.


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Sony has been quiet about its plans for the Gaikai cloud streaming service since acquiring the company last July, but that silence ended today with the announcement of the PlayStation 4. According to Gaikai CEO David Perry, the PlayStation 4 has integrated Gaikai technology into the system to allow PS4 games to be streamed directly to the Vita.

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The technology was demonstrated onstage using the recently announced PS4 title Knack, which is in development at Sony Japan Studio and directed by Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games veteran Mark Cerny. According to Perry, the PS4 acts as a server and sends video straight to the Vita screen, which can then be played remotely on the handheld.

Perry also stated that Sony is currently planning to bring the entire back catalog of PlayStation titles to the PlayStation 4 using Gaikai's streaming technology--though none of this technology was shown during the press conference.

"Everything, everywhere is the challenge we have put forward to our teams," said Perry of Sony's streaming plans.

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