Playstation 4 supports voice recognition

Sony confirms PlayStation Camera allows for voice recognition; more details to be shared ahead of November launch.


The PlayStation 4 will support voice commands, a Sony representative has confirmed.

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"Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that PlayStation Camera allows for voice recognition and we will look forward to sharing more details in the lead up to the launch of PlayStation 4 on November 29 [in Europe]," a Sony spokesperson told Polygon.

The confirmation comes shortly after an Amazon listing for the PlayStation Camera stated that it would allow features including "navigational voice commands."

Competitor Microsoft will offer voice command support for the Xbox One via Kinect.

The PS4 launches November 15 in North America, November 29 in Europe, and in 32 countries in all by the end of the year.

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It's probably been in development for years but they were waiting for NSA approval before they announced it.

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@Guest1000000000 @Enundr i think you forgot to take your medication ;-) comeback when youve taken it good sir , or thing i guess. and the funny part is my only complaints is about kinect , you dont see me spewing s**t out of my mouth cause it doesnt address the issue , yet here you are with the only thing you can come up for PS4s hatefest is calling it weird names (sry i cant read gibberish/moron).

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Did they really say the "Playstation 4 camera.... allows.... for voice recognition". Allows? Really? A $5 microphone from Radio Shack "allows" for voice recognition. It's the software and localization which accounts for accents etc that is what voice recognition is all about.

The microphone allows for it????? Now, that's funny. :-)

News at 11... Don't miss our story on a baseball bat that is capable of hitting a home run. And a cat that is capable of yawning. Later we have a special report on a spoon that allows you to eat soup. Tune in at 11 for more exciting news.

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@Guest1000000000 yet you didnt seem to understand my other post with #dealwithit. you are a fail troll and need to gtfo off of the forums till you learn to be a better troll =P

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@Guest1000000000 @Enundr if your gonna waste time calling a PS4 fail , yet not understand that then gtfo off here you fail ass troll. (in response to your other response to something i said =P )

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Does anyone actually care about this feature? Will this really make more people buy a PS4?

Avatar image for Enundr

@vikebone no , its a nice thing to try to get ppl to buy the eye , but as NbAllvEr10000 said , because the eye is optional in purchase , not required like the kinect is . thats the motion to buy a PS4 over buying an xbone

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

@vikebone Probably, since you aren't "required" (wink, wink) to buy it with the console.

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Yeeeaaaa! Now I can say ps4 ON!!! :D

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oh well at least it's OPTIONAL and we don't of to be forced to buy it

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Great, so the Eye of Sauron wants both video AND audio now. No cameras or microphones, thanks. Hopefully they're not integrated into the PS4, or I won't buy it (yes, the case design can still be changed).

Avatar image for Enundr

@VarietyMage maybe , but after the E3 incident (and still occuring insident) theyd be beyond stupid to even ATTEMPT it.

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@Enundr @VarietyMage Always bet on stupidity.

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Feels tacked on from Sony trying to mimic Kinect.

For me, Sony is strides ahead of Microsoft in terms of hardware and policies. The PS3 was fine without voice commands and at no point have I ever felt that asking my PS3 verbally to go to the PS Store or run a game would be good.

For me, voice commands should be restricted to me shouting abuse at my mates telling them to do stuff in a game

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@opinions2 atleast its not something your being forced into getting if you want the console.

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Ive already got enough saved up for the PS4 PSN+ and just about 3 PS4 games, I think its time to start saving for, GTAV, Batman Arkham origins and the game Beyond, still some great games to come out for the PS3 yet.

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@DeanoFantasy You haven't bought GTA V yet? Get on that, don't want the Blimp?

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Meh, as long as i can still use the remote to navigate i'm fine with it, i don't want to have to be shouting like a moron to my tv when pressing buttons requires as much effort as shouting if not less.

I don't care about the function but i don't mind it.

Avatar image for Enundr

@Dreizel i really dont care to talk to my TV , much less dance for it. i buy a console to play video games , all things M$ seems to be so against with Xbone XD , its still nice sony did put some work into the Eye , but were smart enough to leave it OPTIONAL rather then be nimrods and force it with the console.

Avatar image for gamer112696

I think Sony probably put some work into the eye, so I don't think you would have to scream at it. I agree that its probably faster to just hit a button, but its still a little neat feature.

Avatar image for spectreSE7EN

This is so last gen.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ce92612ab724

Not really needed, thanks for the addition, I'm glad it doesn't need PS+ to function rofl.

Avatar image for shadowboy88

Not needed, Not interested, Still buying but not for that.

Avatar image for Sandpark

Keep voice commands to navigating menus/apps and this is good. Just keep them out of my gameplay unless it makes navigating in game menus/features easier.

One exception might be with occulus rift Wicked Paradise. It be cool to tell a girl on there to take her dress off or move to bed and she does it lol.

Avatar image for arc_salvo


Or it could be like she'll say no and she'll first-person slap you and they'll add force feedback to it so you could totally feel it. Now THAT would be cool. Especially for the guys that don't get slapped a lot in real life, or even at all.

You could get that experience without having to be rude in real life.

edit: and yes I'm kidding. it'd be funny though.

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@Sandpark Or you could just go out and maybe get yourself a real girlfriend and I guarantee the experience will be much more visceral.

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@Psycho_truth Eye toy LOL right.....

Avatar image for Pupchu

"Playstation on.."?

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

So the PlayStation Camera is not the same thing as the Eye? So to get knock off quality XB1 you have to buy two extra devices?

Avatar image for senjutsu

@DiscGuru101 Two? No, one. The Playstation camera is the only accessory, what are you even talking about? Still, it won't be as good as XBO at all, for obvious reasons (it's not important to Sony). Not that I really care about voice recognition, frankly. I prefer a remote, better, faster, perfect. But it's nice to have something else for people who like this.

Avatar image for OzoneOfDarkness

Why is everyone hating. I love voice controls on the kinect for games like skyrim and that. It was great, kinect isnt good for much else but i did enjoy the voice commands. And i was so happy to hear the ps4 will support them.

Avatar image for rene9ade520

I thought PS fanboys hated features? Does this mean now all those PS fanboys trash talking the features of the One will have to switch to the Wii U?

Avatar image for RedWave247

@rene9ade520 Except these features are optional.

Avatar image for rene9ade520

@RedWave247 @rene9ade520 how so? The One works just as easily without the Kinect as the PS4 will work without the Eye. That's just a ridiculous statement.

Avatar image for rene9ade520

@RedWave247 I'm not spending $100 for the Kinect, I'm paying $100 dollars to have more features. And seeing as I paid the exact same price for a day one 360 when it came out with no connect, I don't feel bad paying the same for a much more advanced system WITH a Kinect. The way Microsoft bundled it, your practically getting the Kinect for free so that they can make sure each household that has a Xbox One also has a Kinect as well which will encourage better software to be development for it. But its still an option. If you don't want to use it, just disconnect it.

Avatar image for RedWave247

@rene9ade520 @RedWave247 Sure, the One might work without the Kinect, but you're still paying another $100 to have it, whether you want it or not.

The Eye isn't coming with the PS4, therefore, it's optional.

Avatar image for gamer112696

People don't like talking about the Wii because its a Wii.

Avatar image for rene9ade520

@gamer112696 Idk, I'm stoked for the Wii now with the lineup this fall as well as the fifty dollar price drop. Planning to buy one at the end of the month.

Avatar image for senjutsu

@rene9ade520 Why did you come on a Playstation blog post? Can't you stick in the xbox section?

Avatar image for rene9ade520

@senjutsu @rene9ade520 right, you mean like PS fanboys do by sticking to the PS section? Besides, I plan to buy a PS4 eventually as I am not a fanboy unlike so many of the people here. Furthermore, if I WAS a fanboy and only took interest in games because of what company they were developed for, there would not be enough in the Xbox section as most the news over the last few months as been completely biased against anything One related and all the articles have been about PS.

Avatar image for smoke1125

@senjutsu @rene9ade520 that goes the same for PS fanboy why cant they stay on a PS section

Avatar image for rene9ade520

Microsoft is years ahead of Sony as far as voice commands go. Any voice commands they feature are gonna be garbage in comparison to the Kinect audio recognition and navigation.

Avatar image for MistwalkerZ

@rene9ade520 ...okay.

Avatar image for maghdie

@rene9ade520 nope. Sony have had it with their TV's for a while now. Microsoft is not years ahead. Even the hand gesture thing to switch views on the xbone... Sony has that on their televisions too.. Samsung as well actually. Microsoft is not so special

Avatar image for rene9ade520

@maghdie @rene9ade520 yeah, like a few basic voice commands for their smart tvs in just the last year or two....and how much do smart tvs cost? The Kinect has been around for a couple years now too and is more advanced than what the Sony TVs can do and the Kinect is not the first Microsoft product/software to utilize voice. If Sony uses hand motions on their TVs though, that is still news to me, but in any case, I can guarantee that the Kinect is using more advanced tech than whatever Sony has done with motion or voice commands and that is what I mean when I say they are years ahead. So, I guess that is kind of special. But, if you don't believe that, wait till both systems come out and use the motion and voice features of both side by side. If you still think the PS4 is, or does, have more advanced tech in these areas, then hit me back then.

Avatar image for Stedmister

@maghdie @rene9ade520 MS had it since Windows XP, just sayin.

Avatar image for Zain884

So the XB1 was becoming more like the PS4, now the PS4 is becoming more like XB1 WTF

Avatar image for deactivated-593edd1209510

This is news? What device can't do voice today?

Avatar image for obsequies

@scottwilkins it's a selling feature on another system so which is worse?

Avatar image for deadruler08

all of a sudden voice commands on a console became cool..