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PlayStation 4 not using Sony Cell processor - Report

Industry sources say Sony's forthcoming next-gen console won't make use of technology introduced with the PlayStation 3.


The PlayStation 4 will not use Sony's Cell processor, nor any advancement of the technology, industry sources have told gaming blog Kotaku.

Sony's Cell tech isn't coming to the PS4, according to Kotaku.
Sony's Cell tech isn't coming to the PS4, according to Kotaku.

This news follows last week's report that AMD will power the PS4's graphics processing unit, marking a departure from the PlayStation 3's Nvidia-powered GPU.

As of press time, Sony had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

The Cell processor (at right) was at the heart of the PlayStation 3, helping the system render its high-definition visuals and other complex processes. However, in 2007, Sony abandoned future Cell development based on its high cost.

As for the PS4, Sony acknowledged its existence last year, but gamers shouldn't expect it anytime soon. Sony has shot down rumors that the system would be unveiled at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo this June, later saying news of a PS4 in 2012 would be distracting.

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