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PlayStation 4 Message That Was Crashing Consoles Fixed

You can beat the bugs.


A PlayStation 4 message that was crashing consoles has been fixed, and Sony has issued a statement explaining how to take care of the issue manually for anyone still experiencing the problem. The bug allowed malicious users to send a message that would send the console into a crash loop.

The messages used an unrecognized character to force the console to crash. In some cases it would even go into a crash loop, making the console unable to start properly and run any games or apps. You can prevent future exploits like this one by changing your settings to only allow messages from friends.

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In its comment on Twitter, Sony suggested deleting the offending message through the PS mobile app, then starting the console in Safe Mode and selecting Option 5. That should fix the console, and the company has issued a fix to prevent any further spread of the malicious messages. In a follow-up to another user, the PlayStation team pointed users toward the reporting tools to turn in any users found to be sending the messages.

If you're seeking something new to play on your newly un-bugged PS4, there's a sale going on at the PlayStation Store, or you can read up on some of the best the console has to offer. It's a busy time though, with tons of recent big releases and another coming next week in Red Dead Redemption 2. The PS4-exclusive Spider-Man is also preparing to add its first DLC expansion, starring Black Cat and a host of new Spider-suits to earn.

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