PlayStation 4 in early 2013?

Sony rumored to be planning to launch its next-generation console in 18 months, although maybe that's when they'll announce it?


Source: A Bitmob report citing a source present at a "high-level meeting" at Sony.

This was what the PS3 and its controller looked like 18 months out from launch.
This was what the PS3 and its controller looked like 18 months out from launch.

What we heard: There's not much at the heart of the Bitmob article. The report cites a source with the quote, "PlayStation 4 in 18 months." The source apparently heard the news during "a 'high-level meeting' at Sony."

The next paragraph in the article says it's not clear if what happens in 18 months is supposed to be a launch or an announcement. The one after that emphasizes that the source in question isn't a fake or a show-off, and then the rest of the story is reserved for the writer's analysis of what Sony should put into the PS4 and when it should launch, concluding with a restatement of the 18-month window and a "We'll see."

This is not the first time the PS4 has come up. Beyond mentioning the PS4 numerous times around the 2006 launch of the PlayStation 3, Sony confirmed in May that development work on its next console had already begun. In July, Asia information technology site DigiTimes reported that the system would launch in 2012.

The one thing that is safe to assume about any rumor on the PS4 launch at this point is that no matter where it comes from or who reports it, things are not set in stone. Nothing is certain until Sony announces it, and perhaps not even then. Keep in mind that the PS3 was first announced at E3 2005 with a spring 2006 launch date (that changed), a boomerang-shaped controller (that changed), and two HDMI-out ports (that changed). Later on, Sony announced an outrageous Japanese price for the low-end PS3 of ¥60,000, but that changed to the slightly less outrageous ¥49,980 before the system even launched.

The official word: "We don't comment on speculation or rumors."--A Sony representative.

Bogus or not bogus?: The PlayStation 4 is coming eventually. That's not bogus. But at this point, so far from the thing's actual launch, any details--even ones that come directly from Sony--are unreliable at best.

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@greenRPGfantasy i agree with you,pal.until now,i even not yet buy the ps3.So,please release it at the right time,Sony.I hope Ps3 get a new fun games.

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@iamthebesteva If you actually read my post i said my ps3 broke down TILL i got a slim. (the slim is fine) Meaning that the original ps3 i had did have problems and i had to send it in to get fixed 3 times, and please dont assume that you know me or how i treat my stuff. because i look after all my electrical things. So Please read posts that you are replying to twice to make sure you have it right.. Thanks

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i don't even think developers have utilised the full power of ps3 yet.......

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The ps3 still has life, the world is not ready for a ps4

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There are tons of things that can be done with the new console, I for one want hyper sensitive motion sensors (motion gaming should have started in gen 8 anyways) and AI chip. Better performance, PS Vita and backwards compatibility, and online enhancements are some other enhancements that can be done with PS4.

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We Don't Need Ps4 it's Early So Much

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the sure thing is sony now will NOT do the same mistakes as they did with the ps3,1 price and sec let the competition a year and a half away.

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I just got my ps3 last year :(

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I think sony's gonna hold back until at least late 2013 - mid 2014, which would be best, because then once again they'd have the most technologically advanced console once again.

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Before moving on to PS4, make an advanced PS3 with backward compabality(slim doesnt have), Cross game chat, Higher RPM potential (dang i wish for 10k) on HDD... then it will be the perfect console ever :)

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no reason whatsoever to do a ps4 anytime soonsince ps3 is selling most of all right now and is the newest of the 3 consoles WHEN its time for ps4 to arrive - i want it to be able to play ps2, ps3 and ps1 games thank u and be regionfree

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hope its just a rumor ps3 finally getting more n more stuff, i see no reason to putout a ps4 atm. around 2013 would be best time for new system from em imo.

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Sony, Why bother releasing PS4? You guys haven't fully unlocked the PS3's powers yet. You are rather counter productive saying that the PS3 is next gen but releasing a PS4 would only be telling us that you're "next gen technology" is only good for 6 years and here's the new one. I remember the PS2 games that came out at launch and some of the PS2 games that were the end portion of the PS3's life. (FFXII was a great example) Focus on making the PS3 better for fans, the community, and for future customers. Only the rich people by systems at launch. Do us a favor and remember that we stuck with you after you endangered our credit card info to the world and make BETTER games and better additions to the PS3. Save the PS4 when we get tired of PS3 tech.

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I believe it to be bogus to be honest. Not long ago on GameSpot, a Sony official said they will NOT be rushing the development of the ps4, just because Nintendo are getting the Wii-U out. If you think about it, the Wii isn't up to date with the new technologies of the current gen consoles. No HDMI, no DVD drive, so the Wii-U is just Nintendos effort to bridge the gap sooner. The ps3 is still hitting its peak and games are showing its true potential...what's the point in changing that so soon.

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They should have some fun with this. They could state the obvious that they have been looking into developing the PS4 for a while, and then same something like "right now we're only up to the PS3.6"

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All of this is for catching-up with Nintendo and Microsoft. Who knows?

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Well, they wouldn't be able to add much to it I guess... As far as I know, WipEout and a few other games on PS3 supports the full 1080p instead of the rest of the games using 720p, if this new console could get studios to finally use the graphics maximum limit, it still wouldn't matter because it isn't much of an improvement. Most studios haven't even reached the PS3's limits at all. For example, the first few games released on Xbox and PS3 like Oblivion, weren't as good as games are now, but the PS3 is more capable of doing things than the studios are doing NOW. Arent they doing some reality glasses or something anyway? If Sony could also make a new TV with a higher pixel thingy over 1080p, they could use that TV maybe....

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meeh what reson they would have for making ps4 the previous versions had to be replaced so they could keep up with the new technology, but ps3 did that with net updates so the only new thing the ps4 could bring is ether holograms or a free banana no offence sonny. P.S. havin write all that i would still buy it but not right away

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I can assure you. Sony wouldn't leave it less than 18 months to publicise their next console. Nor Microsoft and Nintendo.

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IF a PS4 was released in 2013 or 2014 i wouldnt buy it, im happy with the PS3 which hasnt even reached its limits

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PS1 was a December launch, PS2 was a November launch. I can't see Sony releasing outside of the xmas window for this

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I think it will depend on the holiday season this year, for both Sony and Microsoft. If they do good, then it will be left as a rumor. But, if they tank, then they will most likely have an E3 or CES announcement with a 2013 launch. IMHO

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It cannot be la like ini macam...

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Please not now.. PS3 is now getting what it should 3years back. May be 2yrs down the line it would be good but right now it still got lots of life

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Oh come on give some time to PS3. :evil:

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@spikepigeo No way this is true. There are three more years left on the PS3 at LEAST. ********************************************************** Well, Sony can wait until 2014 to release their next Playstation, but by then both the Wii U and XBox 720 will be out and far, far ahead of Sony once again. Once again Sony will be playing catch up.

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@StJimmy15 @blackace Well, its a good thing they factor in your "stipulations" before manufacturing their products.... And honestly, I could live with the current gen for a few more years. The only thing I'd really like to see is more RAM so the 360 can handle its own OS without hiccuping. ********************************************* Well, I don't know if they will or won't, but it a stipulation that's worth thinking about. Why shouldn't game consoles be able to play games in the same resolution as PC? On a HDTV play it in 1080p, but connect the console to a PC monitor and play it at 1680x1050 or 1900x1200. Having that option on a game console would be awesome. As you said though, these consoles need much more RAM. They need to have a minimum of 2GB. =============================== @sangdolee Give me a sec ps4 in 2013? i dont want that, i want more games in ps3 dont be like xbox (microsoft) bahhhh, where are SONY no matter what microsoft is not a competition always and always sony rulezzzzzzzz!~ ********************************************** First off, the PS3 isn't going anywhere. Like the PS2, it'll be around another 4-5 years, but once the PS4 is launched, all eyes will be on that system and the PS3 software with slowly dwindle (just like the PS2). The XBox 360 is an awesome system and obviously good competition for the PS3. It has take a sizable amount of market shares from Sony this generation. Playstation is no longer the dominate game console. Deal with it.

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I just do not see it unless they make it with Cell tech that will cost them a lot less as they would not need to pay royalties. Two or three Highly upgraded PowerXcells may do the trick. at 32nm or less at a higher Clock speed. Then work with PowerVR to come up with a GPU that works great with the cell for cheap and there it is. an inexpensive more powerful PS4 for 2013. Still I would rather wait till 2015 with huge new tech. PSV is already coming out and PS3 is doing great.

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are we going to see the first no disc drive ps console? sony is making the ps vita without hard copy games... downloadable games/movies/music/ says that this is the future. eek!

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too soon... wait 3-4 years! just to imagine the type of new technology/hardware inside a ps4...dang!

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dont say that sony has internet browser and a portable system and is still gonna make consoles for years to come.....(hopefully)

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doesnt really matter when it comes out Xbox/Microsoft have it beat sony has nothing compared to the xbox 360 online experience... the next xbox will blow sony outa the water and hopefully make them go bankrupt and hopefully theyll go back to strictly making tvs and ect.

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it will be coming soon for sure and this time sony doesnt want to be behind when m$ announces theres so props to them for taking some initiative. 18 months would put them in march 2013..add some delays and we should expect sept or oct and you get the launch rush out of the way before the mad xmas rush and youve got yourself a winner

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No way this is true. There are three more years left on the PS3 at LEAST.

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it seems like it's a real waste. PS3 isn't even being fully utilized with what it currently has. Maybe it is time to get a PC and wait for PS4 to drop to $400. Besides, console games won't be $60 anymore, most like $70+

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Make it slightly more powerful then the PS3 plus a new disk reading format and add that this is Sony who are mighty p*ssed that their pride and joy is hacked and it might be true. Downside if this is true, would the PS4 be rushed on the basis of security over any new real console/gaming additions.

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enough time to save for a great PC for 2013...

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probably not for another 5 years or so. they'll stretch the PS3's life out.

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Nope. Sony invested too much R & D into the PS3 to give up on it so soon. Not to mention a lot of devs are just now starting to get passed the learning curve, which is starting to show with some of their top tier first party titles. I haven't had my PS3 long and I hope they don't shelf it just yet. I think the 360 will be the first one to be replaced, mainly due to its storage constraints with DVD . A lot of developers have started coming forward and saying they have issues with the limited space of DVD. I love my 360 and I could care less about multiple discs, but I just think Microsoft will be the first one out the gate with a new console.

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Seeing as how sony has stated on more than occasion that the ps3 was built for a 10 year cycle I don't anticipate a ps4 announcement until either 2014 or microsoft announces the successor to the xbox360. I doubt sony wants to get stuck a year behind microsoft again. Two things that hurt the ps3 at launch were the price and limited game library compared to the xbox360.

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A new PS system shouldn't come out untill the PS3 is almost completely outdated. That should give Sony time to put some real thought into the features and functions of the system. However, if the system is backwards compatable then those of use with tons of money in PS3 games will feel a little less screwed.

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is that a true

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I still don't get why everyone wants a console in 2013 and 2014 Why not 2017 and 2018? Its not that long of await and I don't care about graphics much so, well at least to a certain point. Even though I don't care much on graphics I know when they can be bad example Harry Potter and Prisoner of Askaban on GCN Gameplay was fine and everything Graphics could of helped the game alot better. So wake me up in 2018. Don't know if I'll be getting the PS4 anyway I got PS3 last year and I still want to get an Xbox 360 and PSP yet.

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when designing the boomerang controler sony definetly took into consideration the sixaxis. *accidently throws controller out of window* *controller comes back* *:)*

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Too soon for a new console. Still plenty of life left in the PS3.

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I hope it doesn't come that early but I can see it coming then.

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Some day yes but PS3 is just hitting its stride.

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If the PS4 comes out near the Wii-U things will get crazy.

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And I didn't even mentioned many games that gained a remake and the PS Move capability

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PS4, buy it after 2 years of launch, why? After 2 years they will have launched better versions of it with more HDD capacity, the best games come only after that time, many price cuts and of course a slim version of it will come LOL. So, relax, PS4, for me, only in 2016. See for yourself, in this site just move your mouse to "PS3" and click on "All Games", then "Browse All Games" and finally order it by the release date, the only must-buy game of the PS3 that launched in the same year of it's launch was Resistance: Fall of Man, after Resistance, Modern Warfare 1, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in 2007. And, finally, 2 years later, in 2008, GTA IV, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, World at War, etc. And all those games before 2008, they launched compilations of them cheaper, like resistance 1 and 2 this year and uncharted 1 and 2 and with the Call of Duty games too.