PlayStation 4 day-one update available now to download

Got a PS4 pre-ordered and USB stick? Then you might as well get ready for the day-one update now.

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If you've pre-ordered a PS4 and want to be completely ready to go as soon as the console is out of the box, the day-one patch for the system is available to download right now at the official Sony PlayStation site.

The site lists the complete instructions for downloading and installing the patch, but all you need to get started is a computer with an Internet connection and 1GB USB stick. On the USB, make a folder name PS4, then put one labeled UPDATE inside. You'll download the patch 1.5 file into that "update" folder.

While the console will function without the update, here are the features that get opened up:

  • Remote play (make sure your PS Vita is up-to-date)
  • Second screen -- an application that works with PS Vita and and the PlayStation app on iOS and Android.
  • Share functionality for video recording and taking screenshots
  • Broadcasting (and spectating) gameplay streams
  • Ability to play while you download
  • Party voice chat
  • Face recognition and voice commands
  • Background music player
  • Online multiplayer
  • Blu-ray and DVD playback functionality

The PlayStation 4 launches this Friday, November 15, in the US. Be sure to bookmark our livestream of the event where the GameSpot crew will be playing PS4 games and answering all your questions.

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