PlayStation 4 companion app out now

Free app available today for iOS and Android ahead of system's launch on Friday.


Sony today released the official PlayStation 4 companion app in North America through iTunes and Google Play, just two days before the next-generation system will be available on Friday, November 15. The free app will be available in Europe starting on November 22, ahead of the console's release in that region on November 29.

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The PlayStation App allows users to access their PlayStation profile and compare their Trophy accomplishments against friends and others. The PlayStation App also allows users to exchange messages across PS4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3.

For supported games, like preinstalled PS4 game The Playroom, the PlayStation App can be used as a second-screen device. In this game, users can draw pictures on their mobile device and the "flick" their creations onto the TV where they will be modeled in 3D.

Users can also spectate live and recorded PS4 gameplay through the PlayStation App, able to leave comments as well. Lastly, the PlayStation App can be used to purchased content from the PlayStation Store or as a remote to control the PS4 (as long as both devices have access to the same Wi-Fi access point).

GameSpot will have more on the PS4 leading up to launch beginning today with a live-stream highlighting the next-generation system starting at 9 a.m. EDT. Editors will show off various next-generation games and answer questions about the new console.

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