PlayStation 4 arriving in 2012?

Citing "Taiwan-based component makers," new report suggests Sony beginning production of new motion-enabled console this year, in anticipation of purported ship date next year.


No Caption Provided Source: Asia information technology site DigiTimes.

What we heard: Last month, SCEA president Jack Tretton said the PlayStation 3 is "just hitting its stride" and that word of next-generation hardware would not be offered "for some time." Now, a report claims the PlayStation 4 is being readied for release as early as next year.

How much longer does the PS3 have?
How much longer does the PS3 have?

Citing "Taiwan-based component makers," DigiTimes is reporting that production of the PS4 will commence later this year. The report also offers a broad release window for the new system, saying it will be released sometime in 2012.

The report did not offer what the PS4 will be capable of in terms of a graphical power, but it did note that the system will boast "movement-based control like Kinect."

PS4 units are reportedly being assembled by FoxConn and PegaTron Technology, the tech firms that worked on the PS3. According to the report, at least 20 million PS4 units are being readied to ship next year.

If the PS4 does launch in 2012, it will not be the only new system to do so. Nintendo is bringing its new tablet-oriented Wii U to market next year. It follows the Wii, which released in 2006.

Microsoft is also reportedly readying a successor to the Xbox 360 for 2012. The latest rumor says Microsoft's new gaming hardware will make its debut at E3 2012, scheduled for June 5-7, 2012.

The official story: As of press time, Sony had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment or clarification on the matter.

Bogus or not bogus?: Not enough information to tell right now. The five-year console cycle is clearly a thing of the past, but whether or not the PS3 can record the same 10-year staying power of the PlayStation 2 remains to be seen.

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i am in now way at all ready for a new console, i am still playing games on my ps2, so why would i be ready to upgrade from my ps3? too soon.

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I seriously doubt this has anything to do with a brand new console. If anything, it's likely another redesign of the PS3. No announcement whatsoever has been made, and they're gonna start shipping this next year? Yeah, right.

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If ps4 wont support ps3 titles i am gonna flip out.

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This better not be true. I think a console, if constantly updated, can last 7 to 10 years.

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I think it is pointless. They just keep losing money on the consoles every time. Only Nintendo doesn't.

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@BasilVZero it wouldn't be that high. i think the only reason they want to get the PS4 out that fast is so Nintendo doesn't dominate the market with the WiiU, so they would want to match or beat the price of the WiiU, so 500 or lower i would say.

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heck, this better be real, im getting a ps4 when it comes out, it'll have the best graphics we've ever seen and it's rumored to be backwards compatible with ps3,ps2, and ps games! Also, sony is sticking to the new 6 year thing of theirs if this is correct; playstation realsesed in 1994, ps2 came out in 2000, ps3 came out in 2006, and hopefully, a ps4 will come out in 2012.

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Everyone heard for Nintendo new console will be more powerful than PS3/XBOX360 actually i think this is nonsense why Nintendo not prove it then why they not show something like a trailer or gameplay but not Mario or Zelda something like Modern Warfare 3 or battlefield 3 i think that PS3/XBOX360 had prove that they are still powerful look PS3 Uncharted 3 or Resistance 3 or Killzone 3 or XBOX360 Gears Of War 3 Halo i think that MS and Sony have to wait till 2014 or 2015 for the new consoles hope this is only stupid rumors.

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Yes people will now get 3 jobs to afford this thing. Sony always teaching its consumers discipline.

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If the rumors are true that a PS4 is coming out next year, I think I'll wait and buy that instead of a PS3...unless it comes out at like some high price like 899.99 - 999.99 X__X

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@DragonRift - To answer your first question, I've been a gamer since 1990. Its bad news for gamers because there are several people who invested on a PS3/wii/Xbox360 in the last two years and now hearing that they'll have to buy a new system so soon is gonna hurt their wallet. Technology may be moving, economy wise people arent and its gonna get more expensive. I cant wait to see what the PS4 and the next microsoft system is gonna cost. I wonder how many people are gonna cringe at those price tags :P P.S. Didnt sony say the PS3 would have a 10 year life span and now a successor is going to be announced/released in barely 5-6 years? 7-8 years seems reasonable for a system like the xbox360/ps3, but I can see why Nintendo would release their next system, because graphics/power wise, their behind a generation. Honestly the only reason why Sony and Microsoft are releasing their game systems so early now is because of Nintendo's Wii U. How much you want to bet they wouldnt of thought about making the next successor so early if Nintendo didnt announce the Wii-U?

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@paranormalnut You kinda broke your first sentence with your 2nd. xD

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@TevoxZi It wont take any time to optimized. Just a little time and the will.

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@paranormalnut I'm not saying a 3 core isn't optimized, I'm saying a 6 core surely won't be optimized properly.

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@TevoxZi All of rock star games runs 3-4 cores. Epic runs the games they make off 3-4 cores. Most of the games that come out in the past 2 years have run off 3 cores for the 360 so the CPU is getting used well. UDK3 runs on all 6 of my cores. I run an AMD 6x 1100. Not the fastest in GHz's but runs the crap out of my video editing systems and my music studio. Most of todays games run on 4 cores and that is with Optimizing. Now Oblivion.. You must be talking about PC. Because 360 and/or PS3 has a lot less than 2 gigs of ram. Crysis 2 runs 4. If you only have a 1 core CPU, well you take a little hit. I do not game much on my PC. My PC is a video and audio system. Everything I use runs on 4 or 6 cores. If I need to use CGI, like Poser Pro lets say, It runs all 6. I got a 6 core because I look down the road. Will I get an 8 core.. No. I will skip that until 6 or more cores are needed for better work flow. How ever, evry games on 360 runs on all 3 cores. I mean games made in the past 2 years. Mass 1-3 runs 3 as well.

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ps4 in 1080 hdtvs? lol, i hope Microsoft wait with patience until the ultrahdtvs arrives, Wii U problaby will use all the power of one actually.

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@paranormalnut Using and optimizing are 2 different things. I'd love you to list 20 games that properly optimize more than 4 cores. I chose the wrong word to begin with. FYI: Oblivion for example isn't one, it uses only 2 cores and 2 GB of RAM. I'm happily using i5 2500k quad, which beats any 6 core in benchmark regardless. Cores don't mean everything in a nutshell. I find it ridiculous to go for a 6core instead of a more familiar hardware architecture developers have gotten used to and usually tend to get more power out of. Sure, it's good to try something more unknown, new, but if it starts to affect the way the games get ported from consoles to PC, it's a big middlefinger to most of the PC gamers. Optimizing, comes down to the development team as well, just because of what some developers say, doesn't mean every other teams do the same. Just Cause 2 is still the best optimizing game I know on PC. Looks prettier than quite a lot of games, yet requires less than those.

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Well they'd have to have a gimmick. Now both the Wii U and the 360 are vastly SUPERIOR to the cave man like ps3. Developers are finally moving away from developing for the lowest common demonator (ps3) and programming for the max on all the platforms. PS3 graphics and framerates are falling farther behind 360 with each new release. PS3...oh that's a good one Sony.

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lets see what gimmick could Sony add to sell this to us? successor to Blu-ray, a better tablet than the Wii U tablet, thumb me down if you want, but its the sad truth, all the stuff that y'all love about the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is a gimmick, throw in a few things like a blu-ray player etc. and its gonna sell, I mean, the Wii was a gimmick yes, and the thing sold like hot cakes

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@TevoxZi Every game that has come out for 360 has used all 3 cores. I have games and other software that runs 6 of my cores on my PC.. In fact a podcast from 2 years ago from game info had a few guys from dev teams talk about how they use the cors in there games on PC and 360 and yes, they do it well.

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Definitily to soon!

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I hope not. I've only just bought one.

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No way.

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@paranormalnut No, my point is that no development team even supports 4 cores that well (only a few games really support Multicore rendering), so making a 6 core Xbox 360 would be ridiculously stupid. You're right, changing the videocard to a better one and increasing the capacity in RAM would be the right way to go. However doing that, would require a proper CPU to balance it out. Adding more than 4 cores at this point is just stupid. CBE works fine with 2x PPE whereas PS3 has 1x PPE. Regardless, we'll see. I'm staying away from consoles though, so it doesn't matter 'too much' to me.

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@anshanlord Nintendo has been planning its whole operation around a 2012 release, and will be very ready by then. A reactionary hurried push to release a new console by M$ and Sony probably won't turn out so well. And I know its fun to say/hope that Nintendo will fail, but we all know that has yet to happen...

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Well, a PS4 would inevitable someday but, I dunno, PS3 seems too young to be replaced next year...

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For me the PS3 has yet to release the awesome collection of games that i had available in previous generations. If I compare my ps1 and ps2 game collections they still piss all over my ps3 games. So im hoping that they concentrate on making more great games available on psn before moving too quickly onto new hardware and a ps4. I'll take a great games library over gimmicky movement controls anyday.

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It would be a baaaaaaaaaad move to bring PS4 to the market this soon...that much I know....Nintendo will fail and so will anyone who will follow them...

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@TevoxZi Sorry. Had a few things going on and I forgot.. google it. CPU's are not getting faster in GHz's. They are adding more cores. So a small upgrade to both PS3 and xbox what ever's CPU would be good. The biggest change will be mem and GPU. There really is no need change everything.

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Sony is just getting rolling here in the states. They do not need to release another system yet. Not to mention it will probably cost about $700. I would not be surprised if the next gen of consoles reaches gaming PC rig prices. Other than the Wii U which will probably cost $300.

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@jhpeter Talk about the Move will you. Where did that come from? It came from the success of the Wii-mote. And where is the Eye Toy now? Kinect has been successful and all the sudden here is Sony bringing back the Eye Toy (if rumor is correct), but this time more Kinect-like. It's obvious which company is being passive. Any instance of success, expect imitators.

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@lifemeister, you can use two candles to use wiimote, hmmm, ps3 eye cam(update from 2003 track motion eye toy cam) came in 2007, israeli tech kinect came later, and of course its good but not only for games, and for hardcore games Move is the best, ;)

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lol, of course is a baad joke, ps3 has a lot to shown until 2016 like is said by Sony, no way this is true, the next gen will ask for a ultra hdtv or similar, no one will change their recent lcds only for purpose of playing, 2016 is more likely.

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Sony is #3 this generation (sales say so) because they seem to always be playing catch-up with competition, and imitating others' ideas and devices. For example, the Move, and now this purported Kinect-like device.

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I love sony but not the new system for two reasons. 1. the ps3 is already the best system in the world. The graphics out-perform the wii and 360 by far. 2. I think that motion-based controlls are stupid. For example the kinect sucks really bad. I feel bad for any one theat wasted there money on that junk. KEEP THE PS3 FOR LONGER!

Avatar image for TevoxZi

@paranormalnut If you'd read comments properly you'd know I even stated how old the source was. I also asked for YOUR source which you did NOT give.

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For me it's too early to speculate that a new PS4 console is coming next year given that the PS3 still has more lifespan in the next 2 years. I know that from jumping from PS1 to PS2, then to PS3 does have a huge change when it comes to system upgrades and graphics, but I still don't see in a technologial aspect that consumers aren't ready to buy one. If there is really one that is coming next year then I expect a 3D game capability and a backward compatible to all PS games will be one of the possible upgrades, so we'll see about it on next years E3 2K12.

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@maskednil Your right on that! :) I think the PS4 will be able to do some, if not most, of the things in those demos.

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@Zerabp "Most of the engines the devs are using can do the majority of this stuff this has stuff has little to do with the hardware itself. Of the things that can't be done the only one would be the Grass demo " What? You mean there is a PS3 game that can do Mind Blowing Physics like Lagoa Multiphysics? << LINK REMOVED >> Or a PS3 Game that has Deforming Meshes that Split and Merge? << LINK REMOVED >> The most powerful game engines that I can think of is red faction: armageddon & guerrilla, and that barely let you destroy walls.

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I hope this PS4 is not a COPYCAT anymore and making some SKUs EXPENSIVE for some NON-EXCUSE PURPOSES.

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if u actually believe the PS4 will be "released" in 2012? then you're stupid

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@BasilVZero How is this in any way "bad news" for gamers? How long have you BEEN a gamer? The five-to-six year cycle has been the norm for consoles since the late 80s. The 360 turns six this November... yeah, it sure as hell doesn't FEEL like it's been that long, but it has. Would I complain if the cycles would last longer? Certainly not, but that simply isn't realistic thinking. Technology is moving forward, like it has been for decades, and you either have to embrace it and hop along for the ride, or just sit back and watch it pass you by. The only thing I really dread is the potential price points for these things.... After the $600 mark for the first-gen PS3s, that looming fear isn't gonna go away. :|

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@jefferson1964 we will see better things on the pc

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imo sony is trying to capture some of its market back by coming out with the next gen first and of course msft can't have sony being the only next gen on the market so they must come out. We will see better graphics in the next gen systems and maybe much better movement based games but i bet it will not be enough of a leap forward to make it jaw dropping for most folks. Now if they can make games with graphics as good as cut scenes or trailers im all for the next gen, if not then dont bother..........

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I see Sony releasing another makeover of the PS3 before a PS4 comes out. Wouldn't be a smart move for Sony, considering how slow the PS3 caught on to the core gamer because of the price point.

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I hope the next 360 does not focus real heavy into motion play.

Avatar image for JasPlun

So they are following in Nintendo's footsteps with motion control from the start if this rumor is true,only thing is I personally think Motion gaming is a fad that will soon pass. Just sayin.

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2012... but the world is supposed to go kabluee that year. How am i suppose to own this device if everything is going to shyt. :|