PlayStation 3 games priced in Japan

Famitsu lists nine first- and third-party titles, ranging from the 5,040 yen ($43) Mah-Jong Taikai IV to the 8,190 yen ($69) Armored Core 4.


Japanese gaming site Famitsu, the online branch of the popular game magazine Weekly Famitsu, has published pricing details for Japan on nine PlayStation 3 games. The games, four of which are due to be released as launch titles, range in price from 5,040 yen (approximately $43) for Mahjong Taikai IV to 8,190 yen (approximately $69) for Armored Core 4. A list of titles with Japanese prices and approximate dollar equivalents follows.

November 11, 2006:
Mah-Jong Fight Club (Konami, 5,229 yen / approx. $44)
Sega Golfclub (Sega, 7140 yen / approx. $60)
Genji (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, 5,980 yen / approx. $51)
Resistance: Fall of Man (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, 5,980 yen / approx. $51)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight (Namco Bandai Games, 7,329 yen / approx. $62)
Ridge Racer 7 (Namco Bandai Games, 7,329 yen / approx. $62)

November 22, 2006:
Mah-Jong Taikai IV (Koei, 5,040 yen / approx. $43)

December 14, 2006:
Armored Core 4 (From Software, 8,190 yen / approx. $69)

December 21, 2006:
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega, 7,140 yen / approx. $60)

Today's news comes just over a week after the Sony Style online store revealed the US prices of PS3 games. Unlike Japan, games for the platform were listed at a standard $59.99 price point for both first- and third-party titles. European and Australasian prices for PS3 games have not yet been revealed.

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I'm gonna buy that game.

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too expensive for my liking

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Resistance is going for a pretty decent price. Hope it's the same here in the U.S.

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I am too. But, it will be slightly more expensive most likely.

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I'm more interested in the actual US pricing, then I am in Japan's.

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Looks sadly normal. Yen price for games in Tokyo is easily $30 above what I'd pay here at home. Add another $15 if you're buying an import English copy. But for this very reason they are quite serious about their bargain title prices.

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How much more expensive is a BR disk comared to a DVD? How much of a hit will publishers be taking for each disk by releasing it on BR? Won't that make games on the PS2/Xbox/360 more profitable for the devs and publishers? Interesting dynamic.

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its like sony seem to be testing the waters in How much can we over charge this thing in every single area, uk, im telling you £70 a game

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Upwards of 70 bux? No thanks.

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looks like a tenner more expensive than Wii games. ouch. hope them extra textures really make a difference!

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Good to know about the Mahjong pricing. I'm excited. And I'm not being sarcastic about that. lol.

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Puppiemaster wrote: "I still like to know if PS3 games will be locked to the single PS3, will wipe out the second hand market overnight(Sony makes no money from this)." A Sony rep. in England denied this a while back. There is little chance this will ever be used. All Sony ever did with it was get a patent for the technology. They never said anything about implementing it in anything they make. But, as usual, the fanboys blew it all out of proportion.

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I don't know if the standard $59.99 for U.S. PS3 games is good or bad. None standardization in Japan sounds like a bad/good idea. At least in Japan games that are less graphically/asset consuming for companies seem cheaper. $59.99 might be a bad idea for a Dynasty Warriors remake that looks like it's on the PS2 or some of the other remakes that are coming out in the U.S./Europe. That has been the biggest argument between Xbox 360 gamers and now Sony will face the same issue. Just because a game is on a next-gen console ---as of late--- doesn't mean that it looks or plays as if it is worth $59.99. There are a good number of companies that are trying to milk gamers to death with crappy graphics/gameplay for games Hopefully this won't be the case with the PS3/Wii and will change on the 360.

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UK pricing will be 49.99 and 5 pounds dearer in GAME. I still like to know if PS3 games will be locked to the single PS3, will wipe out the second hand market overnight(Sony makes no money from this). Anyone know the truth and I don't mean fanboy truth.

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costco 59.99 usa love it baby

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mike_mgoblue has been smoking his "stuff" AGAIN saying that Japanese people dont like Gundam is like blaspheme also Japanese LOVE their Ridge Racer and has always been a top seller in Japan, again with AC...Japanese people LOVE big robots...this time it wont be different that you dont have a clue about the Japanese market doesn't justify your clueless bashing. And I am still amazed how people in GS clearly demonstrated that they either have poor reading comprehension skill or simply cant read...

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Games are always expensive when they are new. I say wait a year for each game to save something like for example. Prince of Persia sands of time costed 35 pound in the week it was released. A year later it costed me 5 pounds to buy, hehe.

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Slash out like I said, before the only $69 game is Armored Core, and really no one but the fans of the previous games will buy that game, and like I said before the rest of the games are $60 or below. Which is pretty fair because that is the pricing point of 360 games. And please tell me that the rest of your comment does not involve me, because if it is than I will question your reading ability. Especially since I am no Sony fanboy, check my dang signature and avatar.

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$69=£36.70 so its average PS2 game price so its cool.. dont want know 45-55 pound game like the Xbox360..

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So much for the $100 price rumours.

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look at teh cheap resistance price! :D Still no celebratng till i see UK prices...if it was a straight conversion our games would be like £30 SRP which would be sweet, but it will never happen.

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dee_unlm1t3d Where the hell are you idiots getting $69 from. -------------- It says the prices are from 43 to 69$. And that's the case. Only one game is at 43 so what? Why don't you say "Where the hell are you idiots getting 43 from."? Aren't you the idiot wich is a SOny-fanboys, and only reads what he wants to? That said, I think it's a correct price. Some of the game are not that expensive, even if those game can't really be considered next gen title ... I am waiting to see the price of "real game". And most importantly the price for the ps3 exclusivity on those real next gen game. Like FFXIII for exemple.

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That is a very good price considering production costs. I personally only buy games at 30 British Pounds or less though. So whether it is Wii, 360 or PS3, they will have to drop that low to get a sale from me.

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they will cost 49euros or 59 euros in europe! i readed from a magazine!!!!

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it's well expensive

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Where the hell are you idiots getting $69 from. The only game in there that I see with that price is armored core. And the closes game to that price is $62 which is for Ridge Racer and Gundam. The rest are are either $60 or lower. "Today's news comes just over a week after the Sony Style online store revealed the US prices of PS3 games. Unlike Japan, games for the platform were listed at a standard $59.99 price point for both first- and third-party titles. European and Australasian prices for PS3 games have not yet been revealed." U.S prices is $60, which is equal to third party 360 games. Now I remember why I hate posting here in gamespot. There are so many fanboys in this site, that is looking to bash one console over the other, even with the risk of making them look themseleves bad. Grow up people, especially when I am aware of the fact that most of you are over the age of 16.

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Converting currencies like that doesn't give a reasonable view of price. There are other factors, mainly how much money an average citizen earns. Everything in Japan is cheap, but they generally make less money.

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US$69 = SGD$110.40 A Noodle and a drinks = SGD$3 $110 = 36.66666 of Noodle and drinks i can have 80 noodle and drink in Thailand (could eat for a month)

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wow....$70. crazy.

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The Pricing is very reasonable

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Hm, according to HMV the UK price for all the PS3 games on their site right now is £50 whilst Wii games are listed as being £40 on GAME. Right now though i'm not taking these as the official prices, since i've not actually heard anything about any prices in Europe.

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haters will always be haters, fanboys is always fanboys. And sony bashing will always continues... On a side note I hope I can get 1 PS3 when it releases

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Pablo620 ATTENTION GO READ THIS ARTICLE ON IGN cause they talk about how all CURRENT GEN games from these publishers had the same pricing. Armored Core games cost the same on PS2, Konami charged the same prices for PS2 games, and so on. GS i lost all respect for you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Konami will release Mahjong Fight Club National Competition Edition at 5,229 yen / $44.50. This is slightly higher than Koei's Mahjong Taikai IV, which will sell for 5040 yen / $42.89. Both Resistance and Genji will carry a price point of 5,980 yen / $50.88. As these are full games, most were expecting a price of at least 7,140 yen / $60.75, which is the standard tax-included price for current generation games. Ridge Racer 7 and Gundam Target in Sight will both carry price points of 7,329 yen / $62.37. This is actually the price that Konami charges for most of its PS2 games. As previously reported, Armored Core 4 will hit Japanese retail on 12/14 carrying, a price point of 8,190 yen / $69.70. *We'll stress once again that these prices may or may not be reflective of their US counterparts. Stay tuned for US pricing details as the US launch approaches.* I don't know where you shop, but I didn't pay $60 bucks for current gen games. And who really cares about Mahjong in the US. Look at these launch titles, only AC4 is a true next gen, and $70 looks like the next gen price that Sony would charge. Ridge Racer & Gundam are just updated current gen games, of course they can charge the current gen price.

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Hmm...if the pricing is still the same in the U.S., then that suits me fine.

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thats cool... prices seem the same... booya!

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It's sad to know that :(

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That is what you get when you place a game which less than 9 gigs on blue-ray. Blue-ray has .01 mm of protection not a lot considering dvd and hd-dvd has .06mm

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ATTENTION GO READ THIS ARTICLE ON IGN cause they talk about how all CURRENT GEN games from these publishers had the same pricing. Armored Core games cost the same on PS2, Konami charged the same prices for PS2 games, and so on. GS i lost all respect for you

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@mike_mgoblue << LINK REMOVED >> When I've been to arcades in Japan, I remember seeing Mahjong arcade games. They're not the solitaire Mahjong most people think of around here - its a mutliplayer game, and many time players gamble. It's not a bad title at all. No worse than someone making and releasing a World Series of Poker game (especially if you can play other people online).

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Only the smart consumer will pay on a PS3.

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Wow, Now I know why the Playstation 3 was lowered to $429 in Japan! The Playstation 3 is being released in Japan with ONLY six games, and they are very low quality games!!! Mah-Jong??? Give me a break, that is like releasing Checkers! Resistance: FOM won't be popular, because first-person shooters like that aren't popular in Japan; that is why that one is priced lower. Sega Golfclub: ummmm, that game is garbage compared to EA Sports games. Ridge Racer 7: Is virtually identical to Ridge Racer 6 on the Xbox 360! Ridge Racer 6 was the worst selling Xbox 360 game! Ridge Racer simply isn't popular anymore, because people are tired of that gameplay style. Mobile Suit Gundam: A certain part of Japanese people might think this is okay, but this is no mass market success. Now, lets look at the games for the Playstation 3 that will be released after the launch: On November 22, PS3 will get ANOTHER Mahjong game!!! The equivalent of TWO checkers games!!! That is a TERRIBLE thing! On December 14, PS3 gets Armored Core 4. G4 TV rated the last Armored Core game only 2 stars out of 5, and they said that the gameplay found in each Armored Core game has continually gotten worse. This game will not be a big seller on the Playstation 3. On December 21, PS3 will get Sonic the Hedgehog. The newest reports say that the Playstation 3 version of Sonic the Hedgehog is TERRIBLY difficult to play! They say that every five seconds, the screen stops to give you instructions how to do something. This is not a "pick-up-and-play" game like other versions of Sonic the Hedgehog. They say this game will be a flop. Now I know why Playstation 3 had its price lowered in Japan! Sony knows that the Playstaiton 3 will flop there!

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This is huge ... an average $60US Xbox 360 game costs $120AU ... a $70US PS3 game would cost almost $140AU .... and even the budget-games are more expensive ...

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Price increases probably file into two groups. Increases developer cost and R&D/production recovery. Still, $69.99 USD for Armored Core 4? Burn!

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A blu-ray disc only costs $5 to make! That means, at max, games should cost only $5 dollars more! Stop blaming blu-ray for the up in prices. As it is, the article states that U.S. games have been confirmed to be $60 standard. This is the exact same as the 360, which merely uses a dvd!

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The difference between 59$ and 69$ probably doesn't sound like much to a 13 year old, but it is a difference. Personally, I don't like paying 69$ for a game and that's just another reason why I'm not planning on getting a PS3. Oh, and to the people that say things like 43$ good. 43$ would be good if it wasn't for Mah-Jong or any other budget game. On any other system that would be a 20$ budget game or I could just get a Mah-Jong game for free on my computer.

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i would be surprised if ps3 games werent $70.they're already gonna lose money on the system and using the bluray disc is going to bite into their software profits.i would say most games for the system will be $70,if not right away shortly down the road.

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xxPantherxx I think you should lover more th fact that people in GS cant read...

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Well at least the games is not that expensive, i do hope their not... Anyways, theres always the piracy, eventually i guess

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Revenge for the Two Bombs dropped on JPN.