PlayStation 20th Anniversary DualShock 4 Getting Standalone Release in September

Soon you can buy the classic PS1-styled controller for your PS4.


The PlayStation 20th Anniversary DualShock 4 controller will be available to purchase standalone in September, PlayStation Europe has confirmed.

The controller, which is styled to look like the PS1 pad, was previously only available as part of the limited edition 20th Anniversary PS4 console bundle.

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Sony has confirmed it will be available across Europe in September, but has not yet officially announced a North American release.

Online retailer Amazon, however, is listing the controller for pre-order, suggesting it will also be available in the territory soon.

Sporting the classic PlayStation grey colour, the controller also has the red, yellow, and blue PlayStation logo on the DualShock 4's home button.

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Unlike the controllers in the PS4 bundle, however, the Touchpad will feature its normal dots, instead of the iconic PlayStation button shapes.

Originally, only 12,300 20th Anniversary PS4 consoles were produced. The online auction for the very first one, dubbed the world's rarest PlayStation 4, ended at ¥15.135 million, or about $129,000.

Sony released the 20th Anniversary PS4 in December 2014 to celebrate the original PlayStation's launch in Japan in December 1994. Units sold out in a matter of minutes.

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Avatar image for Furwings

I bought this controller over the weekend. Very nice, but I was disappointed that the touchpad has only the dots rather than the ∆OX□ pattern.

Avatar image for XNEXUS666X

That thing does look nice, might try one out on my PC.

Avatar image for oobaka1967

If they really want to celebrate the 20th anniversary, why not create an update to make the PS4 backwards compatible with PS1/2/3 games?
I'm sure they'd make a lot of their customers happy then.

Avatar image for tony_cu_417

@oobaka1967: because that is not some simple thing to do

Avatar image for oobaka1967

@tony_cu_417: Can't be too hard for someone that writes code for a living .

After all, the PS3 was backwards compatible at first. Then they came out with the slim and all that went away. It can be done but Sony chooses not to do it because screw the consumer

Avatar image for darksoleride

@oobaka1967: Not really, the PlayStation 3 first lines had the chip built in and the hardware configured to compensate running that chip, Then it became software based and updates eventually stopped. The PlayStation 4 running games from PlayStation 2 or even 1 era would not be possible even with software updates too much hassle technogloy has advanced too much which is why Sony provided PlayStation Now that way no programming is needed and it works across all devices Tablets/TVs/PS3,4,VITA/Xperia and mobile phones so thats why they did it that way because in doing so they keep up with the times too. Soon Xbox One owners will probably find it a cool feature and eventually after a year probably not care too much for it or use it as much as they thought they would because they are too busy playing Xbox One games. Whereas with this way of streaming people can use it like a Netflix service and play it on the commute to work or when they are out or somewhere else in the house. It has nothing to do with screwing over consumers, we live in a subscription age now with anything.

Avatar image for XNEXUS666X

@oobaka1967: The man has a point ya know Sony.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

Looks awesome!

Avatar image for sum_guy09

If these fools would release a matching PS4 for regular people then I'd get all that shhh. I don't like having my electronics in 6 different colors..

Avatar image for SilentAssassin

so what about the poor sucker who paid $128,000 for it originally!??! hahhahaha

Avatar image for hystavito

@SilentAssassin: Wasn't that for charity?

Avatar image for Cyberjin

@SilentAssassin said:

so what about the poor sucker who paid $128,000 for it originally!??! hahhahaha

it's for the controller only

Avatar image for con_wars

@Cyberjin: You do know they'll put the console on the market eventually right?

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

I should play some more Bloodborne so that I can rage and break my controller that I have now so I'll have an excuse to buy this controller. However, I would definitely play 400 dollars for a new PS anniversary PS4 that actually LOOKED like the old PlayStation.

Avatar image for con_wars

@JustPlainLucas: WHY?

Avatar image for Terminator95

Who cares ! its just GRAY ! The hell is wrong with you people. You willing to spend more on a PS4 Controller on Ebay just because it has the color of the PS1. Burn your money.

Avatar image for M3o5nster

@mjc0961: HA Got Eeem!

Avatar image for Hvac0120

Awesome. I'll take one and the silver one from the limited edition Batman console bundle.

Avatar image for jjsantoro

This controller is already available. I saw some at BestBuy yesterday here in Houston. They were selling them for 65 dollars.

Avatar image for Jawehawk-DK

Definately getting this. Best looking controller ever if I'm honest.

Avatar image for LucentWolf

I need this in my life. NA release please.

Avatar image for putaspongeon

I wouldn't actually mind buying 4 ps4 controllers, I mean I can configure them to play like xbox 360 controllers very easily for steam, I currently have 2 so 2 more to go. That being said, there needs to be more multiplayer games for me to make the dive into it, I mean I want some ps2/ps3 leveled couch co op games for at least mid tier games.

Avatar image for PosiTVEMinD355

Really don't give a F^(k. I'm importing this beauty no matter what country it goes to.

Avatar image for abcde

If this comes to NA this will probably end up being my third controller,