PlayStation 2: Readers' Opinions

PlayStation 2: Readers' Opinions


By Lauren Fielder

A source of information is just as important as the information itself. You ask Sony about the PlayStation 2, and naturally you'll hear good things. You ask Sega about it, and you might not hear such complimentary words. You ask your friend who's getting a PlayStation 2 the day it comes out, and he might tell you it's the best thing in the world - even though he hasn't actually tried it yet. You ask someone who wasn't impressed with the first PlayStation, and she might tell you the PS2 is no big deal. Your parents who don't want to spend a chunk of money on it might tell you it's entirely overrated. But your brother who thinks you have more expendable cash than he does might convince you it would be the best purchase you could make this year.

So whom do you believe?

GameSpot is confronted with this situation every time a new system comes out. While our parents may not be influencing our decisions, the public relations folks are breathing down our necks, the readers are issuing battle cries for and against the system, and our experience with prior system launches tells us to hold off on any opinions until we've had a chance to fully try out the new console. We've shared plenty of thoughts so far, as the PlayStation 2 has been available in Japan for months. So our hands-on opinions are no secret. Yet as the US launch on October 26 nears, the burning question we hear every day is, "Should I buy one?" We've decided to turn the mic over to you, reader. Just recently, we posted a request for your input. We asked you to send us your opinions on the PlayStation 2. We didn't steer you or influence your thoughts in any way through clever wording, polls, or any such trickery. We simply asked, "What's your opinion of the PlayStation 2?"

And you replied in droves. A large sampling of your responses can be found herein. And interestingly enough, what we thought would be a running list of quotes somewhat naturally divided itself into three schools of thought. The first is the "Viva Sega, long live Nintendo, and hooray for the Xbox" camp, for those who really think the PlayStation 2 is second best or worse to one of the current systems or to one on the way. The second is the "If only the PlayStation 2..." camp, for those who would favor the PS2, if only certain wish lists were fulfilled. Lastly, we've included the "I'll be the first in line to buy one" writers who have little or nothing bad to say about the PlayStation 2 and frankly just can't wait until it arrives.

Keep in mind there are plenty of folks out there who love, hate, or are indifferent to the system and who didn't reply to our request for letters, so in no way does this informal survey reflect a true and infallible account of the system's potential to fail or succeed in the US. Also, each section represents roughly 10 percent of the replies for each category.

Your letters may have been edited for clarity and because of space constraints.

Viva Sega, long live Nintendo, and hooray for the Xbox.

Looks like a good rival for NFL2K1.
Looks like a good rival for NFL2K1.
There are no strangers to the term "console wars." As long as we have one company making video game consoles, we'll have at least one more trying to cash in on the pie. And every company appeals to a particular user, occasionally with crossover. Herein lies the loyalty issue. Every gamer "relates" to a particular console and stakes his or her loyalty on that system and its creators. Anyone on the other side is either "totally stupid" or perhaps the worse criticism that can be hurled: a novice. The console wars are alive and well, as can be determined by your letters.

The system, the games, the price... man. PS2 just flat-out sucks. I'll chill with the Dreamcast until the GameCube arrives.
-Tony Bell

PStoo expensive! Here in Canada, it costs more than half a grand before tax. They said it would debut at a regular price for video game systems. I won't be buying it for some time. Long live Sega Dreamcast!

Namco's racing series on the PlayStation 2.
Namco's racing series on the PlayStation 2.
I think the PS2 is going to be a good system, but not as good as the Dreamcast. This shortage really hurt them and a lot of people have cancelled their orders to get a Dreamcast. The games are also better on Dreamcast with NFL and NBA 2K1, rather than the ungameplay of Madden and Live. Overall, I think after the unnecessary hype is over, Dreamcast will prevail.

A dark cloud is about to form upon the video game world. This cloud came in the form of a PS2. For the time being, it is undeniably true that PS2 has a lot to offer. However, something could overshadow our beloved PS2. The answer is Xbox. Could Xbox heat up the competition in the console war? Sure it can, for one fact: it is easily programmable. Besides, Microsoft's immense assets, namely money, could be the company's greatest weapon. All in all, enjoy the power of PS2. However, ask yourself "How long will it last?"
-Christian Khalil

Blanka vs. Dhalism for the umpteenth time.
Blanka vs. Dhalism for the umpteenth time.
I think the PlayStation 2 is way too hyped. Everybody is so into the hype that they don't care about the other systems.

It will sell on hype alone. The PlayStation 2 is making the same mistake Nintendo did with its N64. Too overconfident and underestimation of its competition. The PS2 simply isn't enough.
-Samuel Holland

The PS2 is undeniably tight, but right now I'm not sure if it is right for me. The most attractive feature to me is the DVD playback. Because quite frankly I love my Dreamcast and $300 is a lot of green. So I am officially going to wait and see what happens with its games, price, and competitors, namely Nintendo and Microsoft.
-Thomas Haynes

I think the PS2 is a really powerful system. I see a bright future for it; however, I won't be getting one. I'd rather play The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (and many other N64 games) than anything on the PS2. Personally, I'll wait for the GameCube, as I had much more fun on my N64 than I had on the PlayStation.
-Kenny Peeples

What's so great about it? I mean, its graphics aren't any better than the year-old Dreamcast's, and what games would I possibly want that are better than the games for Sega's dream machine? And then there's the whole multitap issue: Just penny up the dough and put four controller ports on the machine, Sony. You've only got billions to spare. And what about the price? I mean come on, I don't care if you're getting a DVD player. The Dreamcast is only half the price and its games are better and more unique.

I know the PS2 is cool (it has a blue light) and has the developer support to eventually outlast the Dreamcast, but I love my DC and I don't mind missing out on the latest and greatest technology to get solid games and a little Sega attitude.
-Joel Kimble

If you fail, you must commit seppuku.
If you fail, you must commit seppuku.
I believe that the PlayStation 2 has hardware with awesome capabilities. When compared to other game systems, the Emotion Engine is going to be a strong contender in the battle of the best graphics. However, because of the PlayStation's enormous success, Sony has abducted the fragile minds of all semi-gamers. With that in mind, it makes sense to release a new system without games to support it. Brand lovers will jump on this system. Only one group of people will be missing out on the PlayStation 2's launch - the hard-core gamers. Why? Everyone who looks realistically at the PS2 launch will realize that the games are nothing more than polished remakes. Sony used to have the ability to ride its developers; Konami, EA, and Namco built the system we've grown to love. These huge developers are looking elsewhere - mainly to the Xbox. I'm sure Sony is whining, but I pose a question to them, "How does it feel?"

There's only one title so far that I would put my money on and that's Episode 1 Starfighter. Sony is too cheap to give you a lousy demodisc! At $300 they should give you something. Better luck with the PS3, Sony, cause you screwed this one up before it even came out!
-Doc JG

I felt like I was burned the last time I bought a Sony system when it first launched (overheating). I will never forgive them. Who wants to play old Tekken Tag legends of the great great grandfathers anyway? It costs too much to come with no game and no memory card. The legions of anti-SCEA gamers are growing and they know it. SCEA has zero interest in keeping hard-core gamers happy.

I'm just so happy that I didn't put any money down for that pile. I might get it when it comes down to $150, but by then I'll have another 30 Dreamcast games and will be playing them online. Sony put Sega in a great position this season.

Reason to buy the game?
Reason to buy the game?
I think that the PS2 simply does not have any attractive launch games to warrant a purchase on October 26. The lack of four controller ports is simply inexcusable, and Sony's unwillingness to accept narrowband capabilities is just stupid in my opinion. However, it will still sell out because of stupid people saying "Oh I have a PlayStation and I like it. Here's a machine with the same name except with a 2 after it! Ooh, DVD player! I can't get that for $150 cheaper! What's this, I can play my old PlayStation games? I don't think my old PlayStation could do that!" and so forth.
-The Tuff One

So far I have seen nothing that earth shattering on the PS2. What was supposed to be the mother of all systems is really shaping up to be a disaster.

No killer titles, graphics don't seem to be any better than Sega's. I preordered but if I don't get it the day of launch I'm getting my cash back and buying Zelda and a couple of Dreamcast games.

Why anyone is buying this system at launch is beyond me. You are paying $500-plus for a system that as of now doesn't really have a killer app, nor does it have any super-duper excelling points. I personally will be sticking with my Dreamcast until 2001, when by then hopefully good games will be out along with a price drop.

As for the PS2, I couldn't care less about it. To me the PS2 doesn't look to be offering anything except the same kinds of games we've seen before on the PlayStation except with better graphics. With that said, I'm not even going to bother with the PS2. What I'm really excited about is the Xbox. I can't wait till that sweet Xbox comes out.
-James Catalano

Personally I'm disappointed with what I've seen with the PlayStation 2. Most of the games are not inspiring me to buy or really even want a PS2 in the future. I have a Dreamcast at the moment, and for right now the games look just as good if not better. Plus the Dreamcast has specific games, which for the moment, Sony cannot lay a claim to.
-The Dave

PS2. Many things come to many people's minds on this. One thing comes to mine, hype. That's about all I see the system being, a bunch of hype.

This is perhaps the most over-hyped system ever. A bunch of crappy launch games and an outrageous price usually don't get me excited for a system. When they start putting some decent games out that aren't just thrown-together rehashes of recognizable names, then I'll get excited over it. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Sony. I just hate how easily people buy the hype these companies feed them. If Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 4 aren't disappointing, then I'll be in the PS2 line too.

In full 16-bit glory.
In full 16-bit glory.
Let's end the piles and piles of shovelware and get back to quality gaming! We don't need your shovelware Sony.
-Ben Gooch

I own a Japanese PS2 and I've had it since the end of March, but I haven't gotten any games since then because the games are only mediocre. In my most humble opinion, even though the Dreamcast is a weaker system, it still is the better system where the games are concerned.

Musical puzzles on the PS2.
Musical puzzles on the PS2.
The way the delay press statement from Sony was worded offended me. "We own 2/3 of the market so we don't see any competition." First, it is a slap in the face to Sega. Even with its small market share, the Dreamcast is selling in the millions. Secondly, and more importantly, it's a slap in the face to consumers. In the US, we are getting the system nine months later than Japan. The launch titles are nothing but beautified PlayStation 1 games. And we still put down our money months in advance. Now, instead of an apology we get a statement that essentially says, "You're gonna buy it regardless. We'll sell it to you when we feel like it." I preordered the system and sadly as a hardcore gamer, I can't avoid getting a PS2. However, if my preorder is refused, I'm not buying the system until the price drops. I'll enjoy my Dreamcast and hope to be a part of a larger consumer revolt that costs Sony profit.
-Mr. Sharps

If only the PlayStation 2...

Omikron mixed with Tomb Raider.
Omikron mixed with Tomb Raider.
Many of you ride the fence on the PlayStation 2. You like it, you see its good side, but you also have questions and concerns. Most of you seem to say the PlayStation 2 would be for you "if only..."

If only the PS2 had something like SegaNet I'd buy it.
-Jonathan Margary

My main concern with the PS2 launch is a lack of niche titles. Sony and its third parties seem to be playing it a little "too safe" this time, by going with 3D fighters, RPGs, racers, sports, and first-person shooters. I'd have liked a puzzle game. I'd have liked a platformer of some merit. I'd have liked a light-gun game. If the launch lineup contained even one game as interesting as the PlayStation catalog favorites Poy Poy or Klonoa, Devil Dice or Unholy War, Time Crisis or Castlevania SotN, Puzzle Fighter or Oddworld, Spyro2 or Monster Rancher, I'd be at the front of the line.
-Mark McEvoy

Nintendo and Sega have both had down periods, where gamers have berated them and retailers have nearly given up on them. By not having enough hardware to meet demand, Sony may be next in the line of fire. There's no doubt that Sony's reputation is going to take some kind of hit here; however, the true test will come when Nintendo and Microsoft make their next-generation presence felt next year.... If Sony upsets too many people, the tide can easily change. Just ask Sega.
-Peter J. Skerritt, Jr.

I think that the PS2 is going to be a wonderful and long lasting system. I just question whether or not SCEA believes so, because I haven't seen one commercial, ad, or even a video game made by SCEA or 989 Sports. Why is that?
-Fred Wallace

A good day at work.
A good day at work.
The PlayStation 2 shortage does not really affect me because I am planning to get one after Metal Gear Solid 2 comes out. As of now, no games really make me want to go and buy a PlayStation 2. I think that one problem that Sony has always had is the fact that they really lack in really strong first-party games. They have had some good games, but nothing that compares to Sonic or Zelda. It is unfortunate for those who have been waiting for it for a long time. I pre-ordered my Dreamcast back when it was first announced, and I remember how exciting launch day was. I cannot imagine how disappointing it would have been not to get my system until the next shipment. At least there are going to be lots of alternatives for gamers, and things should get exciting as the wars heat up.
-Subhro Chakraborti

Twisted Metal? Nah....
Twisted Metal? Nah....
Personally, I haven't been too impressed with the PS2 for two reasons: One, a lot of the games do not look that much better than the Dreamcast's games, and two, I don't really see anything coming out (with the exception of Metal Gear Solid 2) that I am really excited about. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing the system, and I'll buy it when the price goes down (or when more are available), but this is the first system that has come out that I haven't bought upon its release. Again, that's not to say that the system is not good or that Sony sucks (it is a smart company). It just seems to me that Sony hasn't put forth its 100 percent effort. I am more impressed with my Dreamcast as of now. Until next year, Sony!
-Richard Lee

Looks good, but not the miraculous dream machine that we were prepared for Sony to unleash on the public. Some of the games look awesome, but it seems to me that the majority of them look like a small upgrade at best to what is currently available. To the many, many Sony advocates out there who sadly won't be able to get their hands on a new PS2 at or near launch, please don't feel so bad. Sega has quite a lineup coming atcha before the year is over.
-Yellow D

I think four or five years from now we will look back and think that the PlayStation 2 was a good system. It has potential, since it is powerful, has high-capacity DVDs, and is backed by many good third-party developers. Will I be buying one at launch? No. There is no game that excited me the way Soul Caliber or Mario 64 did. Will I buy one once there are enough good games released for it? Yeah, it would be tough to live without Metal Gear Solid 2 or whatever RPG that Square will make to rival Xenogears/Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross. I am excited about the future of PS2 games, just not the present. Although I am more excited about the future of the GameCube, but that is a different story!
-Josh Estes

After hearing about how the PS2 was supposed to be the ultimate video game system, I couldn't help but want to play one. Fortunately one of my buddies was nice enough to shell out $500 for an import system and unfortunately it was a rather disappointing system. None of the release games were really that appealing graphically or in gameplay. The system felt incomplete, Sony didn't give itself enough time to polish its hardware. The games were only marginal in almost every aspect, and there weren't any that made me want to buy the system anyway. I would have preferred if Sony had waited a few months to release its system.
-Brian Bowcutt II

I am really beginning to like the PS2 launch lineup, and I think it will do just dandy on the market. I do, however, have a problem with the shortage of systems available at launch. This has me worried, not necessarily because of the shortcomings, but because now I am being told that I may not be able to own one. I have a pre-order to claim my PS2 at launch, which I bought way back in March, and now you're telling me that I may not be guaranteed one on the launch day?! Does this mean I'll have to go set up camp outside of the mall three days before it's released to pick one up? I sure hope not.
-Lord Alfred Bedais Sherman

As in real life, watch out for the giant green arrows.
As in real life, watch out for the giant green arrows.
I have been gaming for 16 years and it seems that we have had shortages all along. As gaming has become more popular and mainstream it has only gotten worse. Ten years ago to get a deck on launch you walked in the store and bought one. Five years ago you had to presell to get one on launch. Now in the year 2000 a presell does not even matter. You may not or will not get a PS2 with one. The popularity of gaming is a double-edged sword. Yeah it's great to see it flourish, but we get major shortages plus tons of crap software to cash in on the gaming craze. I used to relax by playing games, but now I tense at the thought of rushing to hunt down games and hardware at local stores. Gaming is becoming a headache. Maybe I should take up another hobby instead. Sad really, but I'm growing tired of this rat race to just get a hold of the product.

It's a complete disappointment. Maybe when Metal Gear Solid 2 is out, then I might take notice.
-Sharif Bakri.

I am currently a college student, and I'm sure you know that cash is, at the very least, less than abundant. Given this, and the fact that there will be shortages at launch, it doesn't sound too good. Meanwhile, on the same day, I can run down to Wal-Mart and get an almost guaranteed copy of Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I think I will sit this one out and pick one up when all the launch hoopla has died down.
-Jason Sigler

I'm a really big fan of the PlayStation. While the N64 had a few incredibly good games, games I consider the best ever made (GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Mario Kart 64...), the PlayStation had an overwhelming number of good games and quite a few excellent games. However, the strength that PS2 has is not in its games. I don't care what anyone says, there are really not a lot of good launch titles. There's Tekken, if you like Tekken-style games. There's Timesplitters, but that really doesn't hold much promise if the single-player sucks. There's a bunch of RPGs, but none of them look particularly promising, at least to me. Kessen has potential, but you're stuck in the same man's shoes, fighting identical battles. The only really impressive game that I have to have is MGS2, but it's a year away!

Why this guy is so angry cannot be revealed here (censored).
Why this guy is so angry cannot be revealed here (censored).
I really feel like Sony is driving me into the arms of Dreamcast. Let's look at it. The cool games coming out for PS2, like Soul Reaver 2, Resident Evil, Silent Scope, and so on, are also coming out for the Dreamcast. The graphics on the PS2 are not considerably better than the Dreamcast, and the PS2 only has two controller ports. Plus, the Dreamcast has better games! Who knows, Sony might pull it off and make another successful system. I don't know, but this is causing me trouble. I don't know which one to buy now, DC, PS2, or just wait for GameCube.
-Slathering Videogame Junkie

The PlayStation 2 seems like an incredible system. Lots of power, lots of games, but lots of money. It doesn't come with the memory card like in Japan. It doesn't come with a remote, and I'm still paying $300 dollars for this thing? I don't think so. I like to play games on my game system, not movies. The launch games are somewhat interesting, but not enough for me to buy the system on Oct.26. Sony needs to take advantage of multiplayer games.

There is no denying the awesome power of the PS2. I must say though that I am a little overwhelmed with its many different uses. At this point in time I think there is too much emphasis on its multi-functionality and not enough on its games
-Artie Petro

My opinion is always the same when a new system comes out. Never buy a system at launch; wait a few months to see how the public and respective game companies react to it. If it looks like it has a future with games that I actually care about, then I'll plunk down the change for it.
-No User

All I have to say is I'm not going to care how powerful it is unless I see a really kick-ass WWF game.

Good arcade shooting action.
Good arcade shooting action.
I have been a loyal Sony man since day one. I have put off buying a Dreamcast for the past year because of the launch of the PS2. Now that it is finally here I am nothing but frustrated and having second thoughts about Sony and the PS2. I preordered the system a few months ago only to get a call two weeks ago saying I may not get a system on the launch date unless I pay the full price now. So I did, I paid the $300 up front. So now I am guaranteed a system, so I thought. It now appears that I may not get one on launch date. This makes no sense to me and I am starting to think I should by a Dreamcast, which is half the price! Not only has this delay scared me, but the Japanese version had many bugs. The way this experience has been going I can only imagine what is going to be wrong with the American version. Also I have not seen a game out there that I am excited about. That is great to have 26 games at launch, but I would settle for five if they were good. The only thing keeping me from not buying the Dreamcast is the DVD capability of the PS2. Right now though I am not sure if that is enough.
-Joe C.

I think the PlayStation is a wonderful system. It will without a doubt become the next best-selling system, at least until the PS3. There is one thing I don't like about the system - the launch games don't appeal to me. There are about 30 games coming out on launch. Most of them I, like many other consumers, have never heard of. The rest are graphical upgrades of older games. The lineup doesn't convince me I should pay $299. I also don't like that people worship the PS2 like it is jumping leaps and bounds over the Dreamcast. Let's face it, the Dreamcast already has SegaNet with numerous games on the way that support it. It also has games that are diverse and no doubt risky for Sega to release (Jet Grind Radio and Space Channel 5, to name a couple). I will in the future get a PS2. I'll get it when Metal Gear Solid 2 arrives. The PS2 is not going to make me regret or abandon my Dreamcast.
-Derek Jones

Am I the only one worried about the complete lack of truly groundbreaking games for the PS2? So far I've seen absolutely nothing that made me want to rush out and buy the machine. If no amazing PS2 games surface before the launch of the Xbox and the GameCube, we might see a new dominant power in the world of consoles. And come on, who can honestly say they want Microsoft in charge here as well?
-Jonatan, Denmark

I plan on getting a PS2. However, I think that it is unwise and impractical to try to get a PS2 at the price that it will debut at. I don't know about other folks, but I don't plan on getting PS2 for its ability to play DVDs. It's an added bonus but I'm in it really for the games. And I think that 300 bucks is too much money to spend for the quality of games that will be available at launch.
-Jojo Padilla

I'll be the first in line to buy one.

You can look forward to waiting in line like these poor saps.
You can look forward to waiting in line like these poor saps.
While the responses we received tilted overwhelmingly to the side of skepticism, plenty of you shun the criticism and scream, "Make way, I'm coming through" all the way to the checkout lane.

I think the PS2 sounds cool! Since the PS2 can play PlayStation games it has a huge game base to start with. Also the games that are coming out for it sound really great! Games like Timesplitters, Unreal Tournament, and Summoner look. according to your previews, to be great! The cost is a bit of a factor, but for the built-in DVD player it's going to be worth it!
-Andy Nyce

The Dreamcast and its lack of smash hits and direct PC ports hasn't been enough to win me over. Looks like my hardest decision on October 26 will be which titles to lay my fifty bucks on. I dig Sony design and this system is no different. The Dual Shock is spot on for any racing title. The Dual Shock was sorely missed while I've had to tolerate another Sega machine. I don't even need to mention the graphics. With the Emotion chip this thing is screaming beautiful. I've prepaid for my system. I'm picking it up at midnight, and I've got a perfect spot for it right where my DVD player is sitting.

I personally think that the PlayStation 2 sure rocks. Sony is going to kick all the #@$! out of Nintendo. I have my PlayStation 2 preordered. Nintendo can say goodbye.
-Marc Oliver

Good-looking track and field game for the PS2.
Good-looking track and field game for the PS2.
With the impending PS2 launch, I am really excited and have been really excited since about May, so I can't wait. The system is going to be superb, but probably not the world breaker we all hype it to be. The one thing for certain is that gamers in general are in for a treat because the graphical quality of these new systems is truly a "generation" ahead of previous consoles. Kinda like how 2D changed into 3D. So while I am stoked like a fire for the PS2, I'm going to wait before I shell out money for a lot of games, and am eagerly anticipating my first DVD player.
-Ed Chee

Can it get any better than this?
Can it get any better than this?
I think the system is pretty cool. It's good that they put in a DVD player. Plus you can still play your old PlayStation games, so you don't have to throw them all away or anything like that. Some of the games look kind of sorry though. I can't think of any games to buy during the launch of the system except for Madden 2001, Street Fighter EX3, and maybe Kessen. I need another game to buy at launch - an adventure or an RPG game. I just hope they come out with some really good games soon. Especially games like Final Fantasy or Metal Gear and some good sports games - not just sequels to these games. I wanna see some new games too, but just as good as Final Fantasy VII or Metal Gear Solid. And hurry up with the online gaming.
-S. Jahan

I feel that the PS2 will have a huge impact in the US. I have been following it in Japan, and while it's not doing unbelievably successful at times, I think this time around it will be a little different. The launch for the system seems to be very impressive. With more than 20 games to choose from, and many of them being fantastic, it should not be a problem picking a great one. In the end (or the beginning) I see the PS2 being very successful in the US and everyone enjoying it.
-Joe Rullo

I love the PlayStation 2. It's so much more appealing than the Xbox, GameCube and the Dreamcast. Go PlayStation 2.
-Niels, Denmark

I think the PS2 is going to win the race. It has a good core processor that is remarkable in comparison to the P3 in the Xbox, it outperforms the Dreamcast, and by the specs I've seen of the GameCube it seems to be able to keep up there as well. After the PS2 is six months old, I expect the system's real power to be tapped and the real quality games to start to pour in. PS2 has my vote. I won't trust Xbox and can't believe Nintendo is going to put out a machine that doesn't at least rival Microsoft's Xbox. Go Sony! Another go 'round for the champs with the only true 128-bit system!

I think that PlayStation 2 will eradicate every single game console's sales records. I know at least 20 people who are getting PlayStation 2s!

Great-looking first-person shooter.
Great-looking first-person shooter.
I actually can't wait. I think it's going to be a great system, but I don't know if it's head and shoulders above the Dreamcast. I believe that now they are at 64-bit technology not 128. The Nintendo 64 wasn't really 64 bit; it was more like a fast 32. But nevertheless it's going to be a fabulous system in my opinion.

I think that the PlayStation 2 will probably be the most revolutionary system of all time. Yeah sure, the Xbox is more powerful, and the GameCube (worst name ever) is slightly more powerful. But they were not the first to include all the features that a PS2 offers; in fact, the GC doesn't include the DVD movie feature. And power definitely proves nothing.
-George Meyer

Sure I can tell you that there will be shortages, but that won't stop me from getting one on day one. I'll do anything. Me and a friend are going to camp out at Circuit City.

My opinion about the PlayStation 2 is that it's quite a great piece of hardware.
-Janice Flanegien

I wasn't surprised when I heard on the radio this morning, that there was going to be a shortage of systems when the PlayStation 2 launches next month. One has to ask oneself if the shortage wasn't intentional, therefore creating a larger demand. This is undoubtedly the case. Sony is such a large international company, you mean to tell me that they can't even put out enough systems to meet the demand come next month? I just hope I can still get my pre-ordered system come October 26.

I believe the PS2 is going to be the dominant system of our time. I have always been a loyal fan of the PlayStation since I first bought it in 9th grade. Now I am a college student and haven't owned a system for six months because of my anticipation of the PS2. I pay little attention to those who criticize it because they don't understand how good of a system it really is. It has a slaughterhouse of killer games coming out.
-Toney Mathison

I really think the PlayStation 2 is going to be hot! Come on, who would not buy that game?

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