PlayMates' Plans for '98

Quite a few things are up for a fix at PlayMates.


According to sources close to PlayMates Interactive, quite a few things are astir in regard to the company's console plans for this coming year.

Production on the Black Ops-developed Covert Wars, the intriguing-looking 3D commando sim last seen at E3, has apparently been halted for the time being. If production begins again soon, it is unlikely CWs will be seen before fourth quarter '98.

The company has also apparently passed on plans to publish a Tommy Tallarico boxing game.

Two properties PlayMates is said to be currently considering are Shiny's RC Stunt Copter (formerly titled Fly By Wire) and a 3D Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, a property that seems to once again be doing rather well in both the TV and toy markets.

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