Playlogic self-publishing PlayStation platform games stateside

Dutch company behind Infernal and Obscure II gets Sony approval to distribute its own PS2 and PSP games.


On the heels of its 175 percent spike in half-yearly revenues, Playlogic Entertainment announced today that it had signed a deal with Sony Computer Entertainment America to self-publish its PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable games in the United States. Formerly, the publisher, which has headquarters in New York and Amsterdam, relied on distribution partners such as Eidos and Atari.

Of the deal, Playlogic chief technical officer Dominique Morel said, "With these PlayStation 2 and PSP publisher licenses, Playlogic is fulfilling another step of its expansion plan. These licenses will allow Playlogic and its production team to directly work together with Sony in the US as well. This means better quality for our games, better adjustments for our US end-users and the market, and last but not least, a better time-to-market."

Playlogic currently has 10 games in its stable, including Obscure II, Officers, Age of Pirates: Captain Blood, and Evil Days of Luckless John, and Dragon Hunters. Earlier this year, the publisher released WorldForge's Ancient Wars: Sparta and Metropolis' Infernal for the PC.

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