Playlogic declares another State of Emergency

Sequel to riot-fueled action title picked up for fourth-quarter release.


State of Emergency 2

After surviving the death of its original developer, State of Emergency 2 has found a new publisher and should be on shelves by the end of the year. Playlogic Entertainment announced today that it has acquired the worldwide rights to publish the literally riotous action sequel for the PlayStation 2.

Currently under development at DC Studios, State of Emergency 2 takes place a decade after the first game, with protagonists Spanky, Bull, and MacNeill once more sticking it to "The Man" with plenty of over-the-top civil disobedience.

When it is discovered that the evil Corporation has been sneaking mind-control drugs into fast food to brainwash the population, it's up to a small but vocal group to rise up in armed revolt against the oppressors.

Going beyond the simple guns, hatchets, and other handheld weapons of the original, the sequel introduces helicopters, speedboats, tanks, and APCs to aid the player in creating a state of unrest. There's also going to be a full story-based single-player mode in addition to challenge and multiplayer modes.

DC Studios' previous titles include Army Men Advance and NBA Jam 2002 on the GameBoy Advance, as well as Bratz on the PlayStation.

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