Playing SNK vs. Capcom: Millennium Battle

SNK's pocket-sized gaming machine gets another top-tier 2D fighter.


We got a chance to play the highly anticipated SNK vs. Capcom: Millennium Battle for SNK's NeoGeo Pocket Color today, and we've assembled a huge cache of screenshots for you to check out. Aside from the regular one-on-one mode, there is a two-player mode that functions like Marvel vs. Capcom's tag-team action and a team battle that plays just like SNK's own King of Fighter series.

The version we played has been fully translated into English and plays and looks great. If it resembles any of the already existing NGPC fighting games, it most closely resembles King Of Fighters R2. Anyone with a NeoGeo Pocket Color is really going to enjoy this one, and if you don't already have a NeoGeo Pocket Color, this may sway you away from your Pokemon. Using the NGPC's superior color library, SNK vs. Capcom is detailed and easy to control and offers a slew of minigames (Ghost n' Goblin's minigame, Metal Slug minigame, Guitar Freaks-style minigame, etc.) that you can use to build up a character's stats for future versus mode play. SNK vs. Capcom will also be compatible, in some fashion, with the upcoming arcade Dreamcast game of the same name.

Scheduled to release shortly, SNK vs. Capcom: Millennium Battle may end up the greatest handheld fighting game ever. Look for our upcoming NeoGeo Pocket Color feature for the full review.

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