PlayFirst and Ubisoft play chess

Chessmaster Challenge now downloadable from company Web site; game features puzzle, mentoring, and competitive modes.


The Chessmaster franchise is widely considered the premier chess game franchise, having survived for more than a decade. Today, PlayFirst and Ubisoft launched the latest game in the series, a downloadable version for the PC. Chessmaster Challenge is designed for chess enthusiasts of every level, from those who don't know the difference between a rook and a bishop to those who are ready to take on the legendary chess computer, Big Blue. For beginners, the game features 25 step-by-step audio tutorials. Those looking for a quick way to test their chess mettle can engage in eight different types of chess puzzles. The game also features two full chess modes, a training mode that reveals hints and strategies, and a ranked mode that pits players against different levels of artificial intelligence. Chessmaster Challenge is rated E for Everyone. To download a one-hour demo of the game or to purchase the full version for $19.95, head over to the PlayFirst Web site.

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