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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Patches Will Be Released Less Frequently

Bluehole will roll out updates less often in order to preserve a "high standard of quality."


Since Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' Early Access release this past March, developer Bluehole has supported the immensely popular title with a steady stream of patches and updates. Now, however, the developer has announced that new updates for the game will be rolling out less frequently until its official release.

Bluehole discussed the change in a post on the game's Steam forums. According to the developer, the reason behind the decision is to "improve how we work on the game."

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"We’ve found internally that being rushed to finish certain features, and having shorter QA test time between pushing updates caused more issues than it solved in regards to maintaining a high standard of quality," Bluehole said. "We want to put our best content out, and ensure that everything we do is making the game more enjoyable with every update."

But while updates may not be coming as frequently as they once did, Bluehole says it will "utilize the test servers for significantly longer periods of time" and still issue patches and any other fixes when necessary. This approach allows the developer to ensure any new features are "thoroughly polished" before they are introduced to the game.

Despite the change in its update schedule, Bluehole assures that the full release for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is "still on-track" to arrive during its revised launch window. Initially, the game was scheduled to officially release on PC by the end of October, though it was recently pushed back to "before the end of Q4 2017." The game is also slated to go into Early Access on Xbox One late this year. Playerunknown himself, Brendan Greene, will be hosting a panel about the game during Gamescom next week.

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