Players Of The First Dying Light Game Can Now Upgrade To Enhanced Edition For Free

The latest patch allows all players to be automatically upgraded.


Though Dying Light 2: Stay Human launched earlier this year, the first game is still being supported. With Dying Light's new 1.49 patch, all players who own the Standard Edition of the game will now have their copies automatically upgraded to the Enhanced Edition.

The Enhanced Edition includes the story expansion pack The Following, as well as four additional DLC packs, which are the Cuisine & Cargo, The Bozak Horde, Crash Test Skin Pack, and the Ultimate Survivor Bundle.

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The game also gets a new Dieselpunk DLC pack, even seven years after its original release. The pack includes a new chainsaw weapon called Gut Render, an SMG called Greaser, and a saw blade called Flesh Ripper. Players get a new outfit called Punk'd Beret and a new skin called Rugged Roaster which grants 50% slower fuel usage.

Dying Light's Hellraid mode gets one more final update for its mode-exclusive Deathbringer firearm, along with a revamped armory and new crystal consumables. The PVP mode "Be the Zombie has also seen some fixes as well.

In GameSpot's Dying Light review, we said, "Dying Light most often approaches greatness when it allows you to improvise your own tune instead of clumsily trying to conduct the entire orchestra. That a game of such wild fluctuations can still give rise to so much fun speaks well of its high points."

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