Players Call CoD: Warzone 2's New DMZ Bundles "Pay-To-Win"

The DMZ store bundle grants an additional Active Duty Operator slot.


Warzone 2 players are not happy with the recent Season 3 update, which features what some are calling a "pay-to-win" DMZ store bundle. The bundle, referred to as Bomb Squad, includes an additional Active Duty Operator slot, and costs 1,200 COD Points (which is equal to around $10).

The main issue is that there is no other way to earn a fourth Active Duty Slot by simply playing the game, so players who buy the Bomb Squad bundle gain an advantage in DMZ mode. Bomb Squad also includes a free Medium Backpack, the EOD Specialist, and an Insured Weapon Cooldown bonus effect, among other cosmetics.

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Other players reported seeing a bundle available that granted an additional armor Armor Vest and even a UAV. One Redditor commented, saying "UAV in DMZ is particularly gross."

Season 3 marked the introduction of the BlackCell DLC, a $30 cosmetic bundle that includes COD Points, Tier Skips, exclusive Operator skins, and other bonus rewards. It also gives players access to the full Season 3 battle pass, offering plenty of things to unlock throughout the season.

Warzone 2 launched in November 2022 and has had a rocky life cycle so far--so much so that players were returning to the original Warzone game in the meantime. Activision has slowly taken player feedback into consideration since then, implementing weapon balancing, movement changes, and quality-of-life improvements.

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