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Player Beats Elden Ring With Custom Bop-It Controller

The A Bop-It Extreme 2 controller only features five button inputs.


A player has completed Elden Ring with a custom Bop-It controller. The player, known as Swoop Douglas on Twitch, used a Bop-It Extreme 2 controller, which only includes five button inputs. This marks the first time a player has defeated all of the game's bosses using a Bop-It controller, if you can believe it.

There are lots of wild ways players have completed Elden Ring, such as with dance mat controllers, Fisher Price gamepads, and even guitar controllers, but Swoop Douglas' Bop-It run is certainly among the most absurd.

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"I've been playing Souls games for thousands of hours and wanted a fresh/unique challenge for the game, and after some brainstorming decided combining it with some childhood nostalgia would be the most fun challenge I could do," Swoop Douglas said to PC Gamer.

The streamer explained that he had never actually defeated all the bosses in the game before attempting the Bop-It run. Although the Bop-It controller only includes five inputs, Swoop said he eventually became more comfortable with it than using a traditional gamepad.

"I think it had to do with having no choice but to use more focus while playing on a Bop-It that made me actually better versus a normal controller. And yes, after this run, I held an Xbox controller and it felt absolutely foreign."

You can watch the streamer explain the intricacies of how he modified the Bop-It to turn it into a controller. "It sucks," Swoop said, referencing the Bop-It controller in the video.

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