Playboy: The Mansion Impressions

We took a look at an early version of Arush Entertainment's upcoming game that will let you play as Hugh Heffner.


We took a look at Arush Entertainment's Playboy: The Mansion, the upcoming game for the PC and unconfirmed consoles. The game will, according to the developer, include elements of role-playing, management strategy, and "simulation"-style strategy, similar to Maxis' smash hit PC game The Sims. As it turns out, Playboy will have a great deal in common with Maxis' series; it will let you build up and fill out a house with lavish furniture and interact with large groups of autonomous characters who communicate by means of a gibberish language.

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However, unlike The Sims, Playboy: The Mansion will let you play as Playboy Entertainment mogul Hugh Heffner, and instead of building up a house, you'll build up the fabulous Playboy mansion. With the game, Arush Entertainment will attempt to re-create the "fantasy" of Heff's fabulous lifestyle--purchasing lavish furniture, interacting with celebrities, and even asking prospective models to pose for photo shoots in various parts of the mansion. In the game, both you and your guests will have "motives"--specific numeric needs that should remain filled in order to keep them happy; in this case, you'll have mood, fun, and social, though your characters will also have various interests, such as music, fashion, movies, and cars. You'll want to keep up with various different topics as Playboy's publisher and make sure that the choice cover photo you shoot in the mansion is accompanied by varied articles in each month's issue.

Graphically, Playboy: The Mansion seemed to resemble the console versions of The Sims; the game will feature 3D characters who will visit fully 3D houses. You'll be able to rotate and zoom your view around the mansion and build all sorts of lavish additions, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and even the famous Playboy grotto. Playboy: The Mansion is scheduled for release next year for the PC and for unspecified consoles, and though the PC version of the game may feature some nudity, the console versions probably won't.

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