Playback: The Week in Review

News this week focused on Eidos taking control of Ion, Diablo II's leap to 2000, and the Opposing Force release.


It's been a crazy week with all sorts of gaming news. If you've been in a closet, asleep, or playing your favorite game all week, here's this week's gaming news highlights.

Yes, we were back again this week talking about Eidos Interactive's buyout of Ion. And interestingly, this time no one at Ion has written in to say Todd Porter and Jerry O'Flaherty aren't leaving. Originally, when we posted the story back in April about the duo leaving, several Ion employees replied that the story was incorrect. Why didn't they write this time? My sources say that the Ion employees were told last week that the duo would indeed be leaving and a more public announcement would be coming on Friday, November 12. We were hoping that Eidos would make the announcement at its Tomb Raider party here in San Francisco last night, but it didn't. We're not sure if our story shook up those at Eidos, but the announcement has now been held back until next week. Eidos still has no comment on the situation but is sure to give out vague information about the duo's departure soon. The move should be a good one, as Eidos' John Kavanaugh will take control of the Dallas company while Ion's remaining employees will continue to build games. And Daikatana may hit the streets in time for the holiday season.... More on that later on.

Blizzard was hoping to have Diablo II out for the holiday season, but as ever the pinnacle of perfection, Blizzard has pushed that title's release into 2000. The company has spent so long building the game that it has pushed back its final testing runs. This is the one we've been dying to play for way too long. A PR person for the company assures us that Diablo II will be out before (or by) E3 as it has to make room to show off its next big game - Warcraft III.

Sierra has been pushing hard to make sure Half-Life has a full life on retailers' shelves, and its latest attempt to keep gamers interested is the add-on Opposing Force. Earlier this week, we were on hand at the add-on's official launch party here in San Francisco where players were shipped in to play for cash... and the winner got US$1000 - not too shabby. Since then, GameSpotters have been watching Amer Ajami play the new add-on, and it looks like they're hooked, which could be good news for when the game releases to stores shortly.

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