Play These Two Games for Free on Steam This Weekend

Check out two games for free and then pick them up at a discount.


Another Steam free weekend event is now underway, this time featuring two games that don't take place on land.

The first is the MMO Eve Online. You can either create a new account for the game through Steam to play this weekend, or you can reactivate an old Eve Steam account. In the latter case, the account needs to have been created after May 2013 and can't have had an active subscription in the last 30 days.

Also free is Depth, the aquatic game where you play as either a diver or several different types of shark. It's primarily played online, but also features an offline mode where you play only with AI.

Both games are free to download and play as much as you want from now until Sunday, August 21, at 1 PM PT. The two are also on sale until Monday, should you want to continue playing past once the free weekend event is over.

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In the case of Depth, its price is down to $6, $19 for a four-pack, or $12.49 for an Anniversary edition with DLC. As for Eve, its subscriptions are not on sale, but you can pick up the Starter Pack for $5 or the Premium Edition for $25.

You can check out the sales and download the games for free through the Steam links below:

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