Play These Two Games for Free on Steam This Weekend

Medieval weaponry and goo.


Steam has kicked off two separate free weekend events. While neither game is especially high-profile, they are both worth a look.

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First up is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Originally released back in 2012, the first-person multiplayer action game lets you head online and beat other players down with a morning star, so I'm not sure what else you need to know. Alongside the free weekend event, you can buy the full game for $5 until October 19. A 4-pack, ideal for playing with friends, runs just $15.

The other free weekend game is Grey Goo, a real-time strategy game released this past January. It offers a somewhat traditional RTS experience, but has some gorgeous graphics and an interesting playable faction (the titular Goo). As with Chivalry, it's on sale until October 19; $20 gets you the full game, which typically goes for $50.

In both cases, these are the full games you can download and play right now. There are no restrictions on what you can access or how much you can play, but they're only available until Sunday, October 18.

Grab the games through the links below.

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