Play Star Citizen Free Right Now, Here's How

Fly away.


The ambitious PC space sim Star Citizen has announced its next "Free Fly" event during which people can play the game for free for a set period of time. The Free Fly promotion runs October 28 through November 3, so you can get started right now.

The Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 "Into the Depths" patch is included with the Free Fly event. This update added a new cave system that players can try out to gather resources. Players can then sell these resources for currency to spend on new ships and more.

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Five ships are included in the new Free Fly event, while developer Cloud Imperium Games is holding a special sale where players can get started for $40 after the free event. This pledge level gives players a "starter ship, a game package, 3 months of ship insurance, and 1,000 UEC." Go to the Star Citizen website to learn more about the Free Fly event.

The five ships included with the Free Fly event include (descriptions written by the developer):

  • Consolidated Outland Mustang Alpha - Consolidated Outland’s ship for those wanting to push the limits a little more when starting out, the Mustang has good maneuverability and some space for cargo.
  • Banu Defender - a multi-crew fighter whose patchwork design features both Xi’an thrusters, Tevarin shields, and four Singe tachyon cannons. Though cargo space is limited, the Defender features modest accommodations for its crew and provides easy access to components.
  • Roberts Space Industries Aurora MR - A balance of function and performance, the Aurora MR comes with cargo capacity and guns to ensure freight gets there safely.
  • Drake Cutlass Black - Drake’s multicrew Cutlass is highly versatile, with combat and cargo prowess.
  • Avenger Titan - A former police ship with a cargo hold for light freight and courier abilities.

Star Citizen has brought in more than $239.5 million in crowdfunding since 2012, making it the most successful crowdfunded game in history.

Cloud Imerpium Games also announced some new Star Citizen statistics for the calendar year 2019 so far. Through October, people have spent around 559 million minutes in the game, which works out to 1,064 years of total combined playtime. The RSI Aurora was the most popular ship, while the United States ranked first in the highest number of unique players.

You can get more details on these statistics and others in the infographic below.

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