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Play Skull And Bones And Help Save The Oceans In Real Life

The "Waves of Change" in-game charity event is going on now.


Ubisoft has announced a new charity drive featuring Skull and Bones where players can help save the oceans in real life by playing the pirate game. The "Waves of Change" in-game charity event is running now through March 31. During the event, Ubisoft is aiming to raise €300,000 ($325,000 USD) for the Oceana charity that is dedicated to ocean conservation, protection, and restoration.

All Skull and Bones players, including those using the free trial, are automatically entered into the event. Players can take down Skirmisher and Headhunter enemies, or Philippe La Peste, to contribute to a wider progress pool. Progress toward the donation goal will be displayed on a website.

Additionally, players will get the Pioneer set, a cosmetic, for participating in the event.

This is just the latest effort from Ubisoft as part of its participation in the Playing for the Planet Alliance, which calls upon video game companies to reduce their carbon footprint and raise awareness and education about global environmental issues. In 2021, Ubisoft set the forests of one of its games on fire to help raise awareness for climate change.

"At Ubisoft, we believe that we can harness the power of games to raise awareness and take action on environmental issues. With Waves of Change, we're proud to give Skull and Bones players an opportunity to support Oceana's vital work to preserve our oceans," Skull and Bones senior producer Neven Dravinski said.

Skull and Bones launched in February after years of a tumultuous development cycle. The game had mixed or average aggregate review scores from outlets across the internet, including a 4/10 on GameSpot.

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