Play Rainbow Six Siege For Free on PC and Xbox One This Weekend

Ubisoft's shooter is going free for a limited time.

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Update: Siege is also free to play on PC this weekend (as is Ark: Survival Evolved).

Original Story: Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new expansion on August 2, but in the meantime this weekend is a good chance to check out the base game: Microsoft has announced that Siege will be free on Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold subscribers from Thursday through Sunday.

Starting at 9 AM PT tomorrow, you can download and jump into the first-person shooter for free. The full game will also be on sale, so if you find that you like the game after trying it out you can purchase it at a discount and keep playing.

Rainbow Six Siege's next expansion, called Operation Skull Rain, will launch on August 2. The included map will be free to all players immediately. The new Operators added in the expansion will initially only be available to Season Pass holders; after a week, they'll be available for purchase with in-game currency. You can read more about Skull Rain here.

Skull Rain will get an official reveal this weekend during the Xbox Pro League Season 2 tournament. The finals of the competition start this Friday at 7 PM PT.

Last month, publisher Ubisoft made another effort to get the game in people's hands, and it released a discounted version of Siege on PC. Called the Starter Edition, this $15 version of Siege included all the maps, modes, and weapons of the original game, but didn't have as many Operators available immediately. It was only available until July 19.

If you're interested in Siege, you can check out GameSpot's review of the game here. We gave it an 8/10, with critic Scott Butterworth saying, "With so much strategic depth, those periods between firefights actually become some of the most rewarding, while firefights themselves are made all the more intense by the knowledge that you're fighting for your life, not just your kill/death ratio.

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This game is a must have, i cant stop playing it!

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Awesome! Been wanting to try this game out.

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great game!

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Truely love this game but there are so many stupid factors this game needs mass improvments

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i returned to Siege after trying out the new operators at E3. game has improved since launch although on a very rare occasion u & others might get disconnected but not as much as when the game launch