Play Over 2,400 MS-DOS Games in Your Browser for Free

Duke Nukem 3D, Sim City, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, and so much more.

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You can now play over 2,400 MS-DOS games in your browser for free thanks to the Internet Archive, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that collects web pages, text, audio and other information that exists in digital formats.

Duke Nukem 3D, Sim City, Commander Keen, and Wolfenstein 3D are just a fraction of the great, though admittedly ancient games you'll find at the Internet Archive's MS-DOS Games Library.

They all make use of DOSBox, a program that emulates the older computer hardware and software you need to run MS-DOS games. This week, programmer and Internet Archive Software Curator Jason Scott announced that he's made them available to play online.

"Some of them will still fall over and die, and many of them might be weird to play in a browser window, and of course you can’t really save things off for later, and that will limit things too," Scott said. "But on the whole, you will experience some analogue of the MS-DOS program, in your browser, instantly."

Scott also previously worked on the Internet Arcade, which lets you play over 900 classic arcade games for free in your browser.

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